EU Election – Bits and Pieces

NI  sends  a  tricolour  to  the   EU

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Comment: Unionists aren’t  happy!

They lost a seat they had held for 40 years.

The psychological impact of that should be lost on no-one.

NI was set up to placate Ulster Unionism

Now 57% in NI don’t vote for Unionist parties.

Remain and the backstop have been given majority support by the people of NI.

AND    . . . .

the EU and Ireland stand firm. No hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland

We need a legal Treaty guarantee of that. Backstop ahoy!


Scotland elects an international SNP trio 

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One grew up between Scotland  and Saudi Arabia

One is a French citizen

The other worked in Brussels for years

Comments: Just to underline they are Scots, not Brits

And Scotland has an international outlook

And will be Independent

English Query:  At this  crucial time of Brexit,

How could Scotland possibly do this?



The Brexit Party swept the boards in England,

Image result for Nigel farage


demanding a “No Deal” Brexit,

They have nothing further to discuss with the EU

And then Nigel Farage announced they should be part of the UK negotiating team

BUT  . . . .

The EU has said negotiations are closed

There will be no further negotiations


Comment: For the series

“No Deal Party is better than a Bad Deal Party”


The British Conservative and Labour Parties lost votes hand over fist

Risultati immagini per downward graphs

Comment: The Tories hadn’t managed to deliver Brexit

Labour hadn’t managed to position itself on Brexit


Risultati immagini per no surprise

Query: Isn’t it time the UK parties realised they can have either

 Brexit  or the UK?

Either. Or.

They can’t have both.

And triangulating is a waste of time

As we have seen to date


Remember: No law says the UK has to have a Labour or Tory Party

Comment: Maybe their time is drawing to a close.


Ireland’s still counting . . . .

Risultati immagini per counting votes


PS An ex-RUC piper led  an INLA (Irish National Liberation Army)

Volunteer’s funeral 

Up the Falls!!! To the Republican Plot!!!

Comments: I think that is what the Volunteer  wanted.

Otherwise whoever organized the funeral could have opted for a republican piper

Bet that was the piper’s first time!

Up the Falls. Into the Republican Plot!

How our worlds have shifted .

Well done the organisers and piper!

Piper Lee Lawson Irwin performing at the funeral of INLA child killer Martin McElkerney on May 23 2019.

She played very well” said a mourner

Her  “Amhran na Fiann” was lovely

Piper: “Every half-crown counts in these straitened times!

I play for all communities

Even Themmuns!”

Comments: He who pays the piper . . .

Music and Funerals know no boundaries .


8 thoughts on “EU Election – Bits and Pieces

  1. When N Ireland leaves the UK, what’s left is the Kingdom of Great Britain; and when Scotland leaves that, what’s left if the Kingdom of England. No more, no less. Wales is a principality within the Kingdom of England. No “united” anywhere.

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  2. Nice article Ben . I’m not from NI, in the absence of discrimination prior to the 1960’s, what might NI look like today?.

    If the Catholic population were treated equally and respectfully, would 95% of NI be British today

    Did anti Catholic feeling create the republic and a divided NI?


  3. Thanks for commenting Ted and welcome to the site. Enjoy yourself as you look around.
    Briefly in answer to your questions,
    1) Since Northern Ireland is governed by Westminster, it would today look like other remote, de-industrialised areas of England, that is poor and deprived, low wages, food banks and few job opportunities-As indeed it does. NI also has to cope with the additional effects of persistent anti- catholic, nationalist and republican public rhetoric, 60+years of discrimination and 30 years strife
    2) Possibly, even probably. Hardline Republicans have always been relatively few in number throughout irish history.
    3) Again yes, Unionists/Loyalists have always used loyalty to the crown to mask their anti-catholic/ anti-Irish people ethos. The UK Government ceded to their demands for their own fiefdom in the 1920 Govt of Ireland Act


  4. Just to make a point here Ted, if there wasn’t anti catholic/ anti Irish discrimination they would be no “Northern Ireland” in the first place. The northern statelet is basically founded on discrimination and the “gerrymander” which is partition.

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