Whither the SNP and Scottish independence?

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Some of you   may have been aware of  quarrels, discussions

storms in teacups over the summer among supporters of different views of an Independent Scotland

Tiffs among cybernats“, we were told

This interview hints at more fundamental  issues

Are the SNP the equivalent of the Redmond’s Irish Independence Party rather than Irish Republicanism?

Has Westminster blocked two paths to independence –

  1. the gradualist incremental approach. By steadily acquiring more powers for the Scottish Parliament, this was hoped to lead  to de facto independence. However,  the Sewell Convention is worthless and Westminster   refuses to repatriot Brussels powers to Scotland
  2. the Referendum as  the means for self-declaring that Scotland wants to be independent (de iure independence). PM May’s declared “now is not the time” And the SNP appeared to agree.

If so, where does Scotland go now in her quest for independence?

Nicola Sturgeon has set up all the ducks in order to call for Indyref2 as soon as the implications of Brexit (which Scotland did not vote for) are clearer.

Bets are on for Autumn 2018-Spring 2019

But it could be postponed until the end of the Brexit process.

When’s that?

Including the latest UK demand for a time-limited transition period after March 2019?

How long is a piece of string?

IndyRef2 could  even called off if Scotland remains within the Single Market, all the while exiting the EU.

So if the SNP is serious about Independence, is a more radical approach needed?

Is it time for Scotland  to take the gloves off?