Week 3 (ii) – Sealed In – Italy and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Day 20 – Wednesday 10th March 2020

10,590 infected; 827 dead, 1,045 recovered
5,838/10,590 (55%) hospitalised; 1,028 /10,590 (9.7%) in ICU
3,724 quarantined at home
NB: 12,462= Total number of cases

Comments: 196 deaths in 24 hours.

Three-quarters in Lombardy. The same death toll as the very worst day in Wuhan

 It’s as if the inhabitants of a street with 50 houses were wiped out.

Is there one near you? Can you envisage everyone vanishing overnight?
The residents of 4 other streets had already gone in the previous 3 weeks. 

Never to be seen again.

We’re dying here” shouted Lombardy. “Do something more to help us

The Italian PM spoke to the nation,

He appealed for collaboration as he announced more shut-downs until 25th March.
Easier to say what’s still open – as long as the appropriate distance is kept between workers, masks are worn, no handshakes, etc.

Farming and its supply lines continue as before.

Only food shops, supermarkets, banks and post-offices, news kiosks, tobacconists, laundries (and presumably, dry-cleaners) are open.

Essential factory production lines and public transport (with passengers sitting well spaced-out) function as usual

Image result for nothing else
If you do go out, even for a walk, you need to carry

a Government form.

You can easily download it and print it out at home. As you fill it in, you declare who you are, where you are going and why. Essential work, need, health or returning home are the only acceptable reasons. Spot checks by police and army will verify the information. Infringements will be punished by stiff fines and imprisonment.

The PM insisted greatly on the need for Italians accepting these limitations on their hard won freedom. Safeguarding the nation’s health takes precedence over personal liberties and freedom of movement. In fact, Italians can no longer move freely in their towns and villages, much less travel from one city to another.
He admitted he had introduced the restrictions gradually so that people had time to get used to them but said “There is no time left

Given the approximately 14-day contagion period, experts do not expect to see any change in numbers of infected and dead for 2-3 weeks.

And when we do see changes, as we will, sooner or later, restrictions will have to be lifted very gradually so as to prevent any disease recrudescence.

Day 21 – Thursday 10th March 2020
12,839 infected; 1,016 dead, 1,258 recovered
6,650/12,839 (52%) hospitalised; 1,153 /12,839 (9%) in ICU
5,036 quarantined at home
NB: 15,113= Total number of cases

188 deaths today.

Another streetful of people has just disappeared.


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Wherever you  live through this pandemic

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