Warning Ireland




Westminster will not incorporate the principles of the Good Friday Agreement in the EU withdrawal bill.

Parliament voted 313 against, 48 in favour.

The DUP has got Westminster to abolish  the BelfastAgreement/GFA!

It will be gone by Brexit Day, March 2019

There’s no depths England will not stoop to as they over-ride other people’s rights. Ireland North and South held referendums to approve the GFA – the Republic even altered its Constitution to ensure it was passed

Comes as no surprise to the Scots who saw their hopes of maintaining devolution status eliminated on “usually” –  one word in the Sewell Convention 

What now for Irish Republicans/nationalists and Scottish nationalists? 

What now for the EU and International Treaties bearing the UK’s signature?





Joe Atkinson: Parliamentary Intent and the Sewel Convention as a Legislatively Entrenched Political Convention


arlene, arlene

Risultati immagini per government in difficulties

News of the latest round of Brexit negotiations tomorrow may not be great as  M. Barnier threatens to stall talks until the UK comes up with some feasible proposals.

EU figures in Brussels are “baffled” by how unprepared the British side is.


Tory Cabinet in-fighting continues with Ms May stating “No Minister is unsackable” –

Query: including the Prime Minister?


Risultati immagini per the straw that broke the camel's back

could well be

Risultati immagini per sturgeon and carwyn jones

 Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon teaming up with Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones to SCUPPER Theresa May’s DUP deal which Ms May described  as just something that “happens in politics”.  .


Here’s what some people in Scotland think of our Arlene and the Tory-DUP pact!