Why is the Goddard Inquiry a threat to the Crown?

Here are a few interesting thoughts about the Crown’s responsibilities towards the people it governs.

The paragraph entitled “The UK is founded in force and coercion not consent and reason” resonates particularly with the situation that obtained in Northern Ireland.

The rest – with the drip by drip revelations about paedophile abuse, Kincora and so on  – echoes the growing disillusionment with the myths that have sustained Monarchy and UK State for so long.

They are looking rather moth-eaten and thread-bare today

Philosophical Politics

Mobbing the Tories by American Patriots in 177... Mobbing the Tories by American Patriots in 1775-76; the Tory is about to be tarred and feathered (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The inquiry threatens the UK regime’s very fabric. What the recent Cabinet Office documents indicate is that the powerful pedophile predators were known.[1] The Crown knew about them. The police had files on them. The Home Office and the Cabinet Office had files on the allegations. In itself, this is not surprising given they have a responsibility for law enforcement within the UK. [2] Most of the names mentioned were already known or publicly suspected. Three things in particular make the inquiry a threat to the UK regime.

The government and its defenders need to prove their integrity.

First, the revelations and the inquiry undermine all official pronouncements by powerful figures that they and their cohort are beyond reproach. The defense based on authority and status has suddenly crumbled.

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