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But a re-blog of two  excellent companion posts (by Harry and Séamas), both   dealing with the UUP threat to pull out of the dysfunctional Stormont Executive and the DUP threat to force the expulsion of Sinn Féin from the regional administration (which the Mirror has already examined  https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/sinn-fein-out-out-out/ )

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1) “there is no evidence to be seen from unionism that they have attempted to cultivate any of that “trust” in their attempts at shared governance these past several years of the experiment. The proffered hand of friendship has been slapped down time and time again”

Harry or Séamas?

2)”What remains clear is the utter hypocrisy of mainstream unionism, its ready willingness to embrace and fawn upon the killers of “Catholics” when politic to do so, while rejecting that “terrorism” which exists outside its own control or influence”.

Harry or Séamas?

3)”Throughout the years of Unionist’s rule …the Official Unionist Party and latterly the DUP who soaked up those same voters….began with the rump of the Ulster Volunteers in 1912 when they decided to take the law of the land into their own hands . That tradition of lawlessness continued with an alphabet soup of groupings that makes the the IRA’s title seem pedestrian”….

Harry or Séamas?

4)”They included the Ulster Protestant Association {UPA 1920–1922},the Ulster Protestant Volunteers{UPV1966–1969},Ulster Volunteer Force,the Red Hand Commando,the Young Citizen Volunteers (youth wing),the UVF, the RHC,YCV{1966–present},Ulster Defence Association,Ulster Freedom Fighters,Ulster Young Militants (youth wing},UDA,UFF,UYM1971–present,Ulster Resistance1986–?,Loyalist Volunteer Force{LVF1997–present},Orange Volunteers{OV 1998–present} ,Red Hand DefendersRHD1998–present ,Real Ulster Freedom Fighters{Real UFF 2007–present},Ulster Protestant Action (UPA), 1956–1966,Ulster Special Constabulary Association (USCA), 1970–1975,Down Orange Welfare (DOW), 1972–?,Orange Volunteers (OV), 1972–1980s,Ulster Volunteer Service Corps (UVSC), 1972–1974,Ulster Service Corps (USC), 1976–?,Ulster Constitution Defence Committee (UCDC), 1966–1969,Ulster Army Council (UAC), 1973–1974,Ulster Loyalist Central Co-ordinating Committee (ULCCC), 1974–1976,Combined Loyalist Military Command (CLMC), 1991–1998,Protestant Action Force (PAF)…….”

Harry or Séamas?

5)”The UVF’s reign of terror did not cease with its self-declared truce in 1994. It was merely curtailed. Since the mid-1990s the factional grouping has carried out hundreds of attacks involving the use of guns, bombs, knives and cudgels, attacks which have left over thirty dead and dozens more wounded. Far from ceasing to exist the organisation has expanded its criminal empire to become one of the larger narco-terrorist gangs of western Europe. Such a record would place the Ulster Volunteer Force well beyond the bounds of acceptability in most mainstream political quarters but the UVF, while being terrorists, are British and unionist terrorists”.

Harry or Séamas?

6) “The UDR consisted of a force made up of 97% armed and trained protestants who apparently could not be trusted to side by the forces of law and order if they were forced by circumstances to choose sides”.

Harry or Séamas?

cute question

7) The UDA are very British terrorists

Harry,  Séamas or the Mirror?

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Sinn Fein – Out, Out, Out


storm in a teacup

The DUP seem determined to enforce an “Exclusion” order on Sinn Fein

MP Jeffrey Donaldson (below centre)


flanked by Worshipful Master  Sam Wilson and  Orange Order Grand Master, Robert Saulters.



member of the same party  and “Orange brotherhood”  as  infamous “Curry my Yoghurt” Campbell

campbell orangeman

told Radio 4’s Today Programme:

We are going to move to exclude Sinn Fein from the government. We believe the people who should be punished here are the people who have done wrong . . . if the other parties are not prepared to support the exclusion of Sinn Fein then we will act unilaterally and if that means that we have a period in Northern Ireland where we don’t have a government until we resolve and sort out these issues then so be it.”
MP Nigel (brickbat) Dodds

dodds orangeman

dodds injured

reiterated that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) would move to exclude Sinn Féin from the Northern Ireland Executive and be prepared to bring down Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government over claims the Provisional IRA still exists.

Query:  So they say but what does this “Exclusion Order” actually mean?

Here’s a copy of the regulations  http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/47/section/30

If the Assembly resolves that a political party does not enjoy the confidence of the Assembly—
Query: the Assembly? Not just the DUP? or the UUP?

members of that party shall be excluded from holding office as Ministers or junior Ministers for such period of not less than six months, and not more than twelve months, beginning with the date of the resolution as the resolution may provide
[F5(3)The Assembly may, before a period of exclusion under subsection (2) [F6or section 30A(5)] comes to an end, by resolution extend it until the end of such period of not less than six months, and not more than twelve months, beginning with the date of the resolution as the resolution may provide.]
(4)A period of exclusion [F7under subsection (1) or (2)] shall come to an end if the Assembly—
(a)is dissolved; or
(b)resolves to bring the exclusion to an end.

Queries: Does this mean the Exclusion order might last for  years? Using a 1 month on – 11 months off mechanism could it become permanent for a 5-year legislature?

How does this square with  safeguards in the GFA/Belfast Agreement  like the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)  which neither the Assembly nor public bodies can infringe? 

Click to access IE%20GB_980410_Northern%20Ireland%20Agreement.pdf

Query: Could an “exclusion order” be considered   legal abuse? It might  cause injustice and  harm to physical, psychological and societal health

(5)A motion for a resolution under this section shall not be moved unless—

(a)it is supported by at least 30 members of the Assembly;
Comment: The DUP have the 30 members of the Northern Ireland Assembly necessary to table an exclusion motion

(b)it is moved by the First Minister and the deputy First Minister acting jointly;
Comment: hardly likely
(c)it is moved by the Presiding Officer in pursuance of a notice under subsection (6).
[F8(6)If the Secretary of State is of the opinion that the Assembly ought to consider a resolution under this section,

Comment: Hardly likely. London and Dublin invested decades of effort in constructing an assembly which they hoped would underpin the peace process with political foundations. Each has enough on its plate with other problems.
(8)A resolution under this section shall not be passed without cross-community support.


Queries: Could Sinn Féin block such a vote because its MLAs represent a clear majority of nationalists/republicans in the Assembly?

In which case all the DUP/OO bluster about exclusion is just

hot air

Otherwise what does “cross-community support” mean? People on the streets? Signing petitions? Blocking Stormont? Digital voting? Strikes?

Comment: if anyone else wants to talk through his hat like Jeffrey and Nigel these models are available


sinn fein

The days of exclusion and discrimination are over and they aren’t coming back.Sinn Féin will robustly defend our electoral mandate and we won’t allow a electoral contest within unionism to deflect us from representing the people from all over this island who elect us“.







Mise Eire

Tonight’s Saturday night film is a short sequence from Mise Eire, a Gael-Linn Film that was screened in 1960 and banned in cinemas in Northern ireland. Director George Morrison, music by Sean O’Riada

If you’re interested in learning more about how the film was made, the music,  and its success at the time  – here’s a recent documentary



PS  English sub-titles for  non- Irish speakers!!!