Warning Ireland




Westminster will not incorporate the principles of the Good Friday Agreement in the EU withdrawal bill.

Parliament voted 313 against, 48 in favour.

The DUP has got Westminster to abolish  the BelfastAgreement/GFA!

It will be gone by Brexit Day, March 2019

There’s no depths England will not stoop to as they over-ride other people’s rights. Ireland North and South held referendums to approve the GFA – the Republic even altered its Constitution to ensure it was passed

Comes as no surprise to the Scots who saw their hopes of maintaining devolution status eliminated on “usually” –  one word in the Sewell Convention 

What now for Irish Republicans/nationalists and Scottish nationalists? 

What now for the EU and International Treaties bearing the UK’s signature?





Joe Atkinson: Parliamentary Intent and the Sewel Convention as a Legislatively Entrenched Political Convention

Musical Interlude – concerted voices

We have always said Brexit could lead to the break-up of the UK, not just the EU. As the Westminster vote to Withdraw from the EU moves towards the House of Lords for ratification in the next couple of weeks, here’s a little concert to stimulate thoughts on  what Scotland and Northern Ireland are going to do next.

Overture:  The Brexit vote was won by appealing to a mish-mash of historical myths


Requiem: the EU Anthem as Westminster voted against all amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill.


Comment: What a Celtic gesture of defiance at the moment of defeat for EU nationals in the UK, Scottish requests for compromise in the Brexit approach and Westminster’s refusal to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement!

Cantata:  Northern Ireland


Coda:  For Scotland and Northern Ireland


Ritornello: We’re gonna stay in the EU anyway!