Elderly Gents: Mallie-McGuiness-Paisley Interviews

Tonight’s Saturday Night film  invites you to a  2-level  critical analysis

Level 1:  compare and contrast 2 men who were born in Northern Ireland in 1950

Interviewer: Eamonn Mallie


Originally from  South Armagh, he graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1974 and worked as a researcher in Irish Language for RTE.  He trained as a radio current affairs producer for the BBC in Belfast and became political correspondent in the 1980’s.

Interviewee:  Martin McGuinness


At the age of  15 he left the Brow of the Hill Christian Brothers Technical School in Derry/Londonderry City,  without qualifications and was apprenticed to a butcher. He  joined the IRA. By  the start of 1972  he was second-in-command of   the Provisional IRA in Derry  when, on Bloody Sunday,  13 civil rights protesters were killed in the city by soldiers of the 1st battalion, Parachute Regiment. In 1973, he was sentenced to six months imprisonment in the Republic of Ireland, after being arrested near a car containing 250 pounds (110 kg) of explosives and nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition.  In court, he declared his membership of the Provisional IRA without equivocation: ‘We have fought against the killing of our people… I am a member of Óglaigh na hÉireann and very, very proud of it‘.

His attitude remains unchanged.

He has long been  a leader of Sinn Fein and is now  Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.


Level 2 analysis: 

Mr Mallie’s most recent claim to fame was his interview with

paisley orangeman

the late Ian Paisley which you can see here


Compare his questions in the two interviews and his attitude to each interviewee.

What do we learn?