Key to the Kevin Mc Guigan murder?

NI is coping with  political hysterics after  the murders of Jock Davison and Kevin Mc Guigan

You remember we discussed them here

breaking news


major breakthrough

Mr McGuigan’s murderer(s)  escaped down

closed alleyway

a gated alleyway which is usually locked.

On the night of the murder

open alleyway

the gates were open.

the horror


hope is not lost

The Mirror can now reveal PSNI detectives have found

two master keys

two master keys. They open every alley gate in Belfast.

Each master key is numbered. Anybody receiving one must register their name and details with Belfast City Council.

finding clues

The PSNI  visited

belfast city hall

Belfast City Hall to find out the names of  the two key holders.

key shares


One  key had gone to a south Belfast community worker

The second key had been issued to no other than

psni badge

the PSNI itself.




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