Stakeknife and Mr Alfredo Scappiticci

dead tout


Given rekindled interest in Stake-knife due to DPP, Barra McGrory’s,  demand for an investigation,

to-night’s Saturday Night Film is a BBC  programme that focusses  on Stake-knife and UK state involvement in his activities.



a) See what they say about how Stakeknife, if Scappittici,was  recruited and what his motivation was. The report differs from other  references here

Make up your own mind

NB Mr Scappiticci strongly denies all allegations he is Stake-knife and proclaims his innocence. He has never been brought up to   court for any of these murders. He has never faced trial or been convicted. He is innocent until proven guilty.


b)FRU. You’ll find more info on FRU  here


Check back to  to see the methods that were  used to recruit informers


Proof of theDirty War?



Question to hold in mind as we watch the film:


Why is Stakeknife protected and hidden by the UK state?



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