Mayne Meediar and Britain’s Dysfunctional Family of Nations (4)

inside scoop

Mayne Meediar’s smear, fear, lies and threats
Telling it as it is! Sharing their views on Mr UK Britain!

bella caledonia

Alba Scotia, whose own inheritance was annexed just before her lovely sister Eire Ireland’s Act of Union.

Glamourous divorcée with friends all over the globe,  Eire Ireland now lives independently

What’s Mr UK Britain like?

uk britain
Eire: He’s an arrogant man, with an exceedingly high opinion of himself

puppet master

Alba: He’s a manipulator

How does he govern his dysfunctional family of nations?
Alba: He knows what our basic desires and emotions are. He keeps a close eye on us. Thanks to his loyal servants he knows the latest gossip and talking points. So he applies physical and psychological pressure where and when he wants.

Give us an example of gosssip

Alba: Here’s the latest.

Alba Scotia will not seek another Scottish independence referendum until polls consistently show more than 60% of the public would vote to leave the UK”

This is not news, or analysis, or commentary. This is gossip. Nobody in my household has spoken of this “60% for a year” test.

Eire: My ex-husband funds big events

london olympics

to endear himself to everyone, whips up a nice atmosphere and then when he’s achieved what he wants – everybody else is  forgotten. Until the next time he wants something . . .
Alba: Yeah – look what happened in my house with

commonwealth games 2014

those Commonwealth Games of his last year. My own standard was never displayed – it was  as if I didn’t exist!

How does he manage to do this?
Eire: He relies mainly on his butler –
liar and deceiver, Mayne Meediar. He’s worked for my former husband since his Empire building days. Now Mayne Meediar tells him more and more  only what he wants to hear.

What does Mayne Meediar do exactly?

Alba: He makes sure Mr UK Britain’s point of view is always put forward

foster goalkeeper

Eire: As  gatekeeper between family members and Mr UK Britain, he plays a large part in creating the atmosphere which surrounds us.

Alba: He teaches us how to ask for what we want.


We have to ask, you know. If we try to take back anything we think is our birthright, like Eire Ireland did in the past, we have to face up to Mr Britain’s own aggressiveness
Could you say Mayne Meediar tries to weaken Mr UK Britain’s worst effects?
Alba: Not really. He fears us and encourages his servants to loathe us. They deride us,  make fun of us,  show off  they’re smarter than we are.

media bias
Eire: I mean look how my daughter Miss GFA Northern Ireland has been treated.  Alba Scotia tried to take control of her own household and when that failed

SNP Mps at wesrminster

sent her servants down to talk to him .
Alba: Yeah, all they had from Mayne Meejar is smear, fear, lies and threats. He even complained when

mhairi black

one young maid talked to the domestic staff!

It wasn’t her place” he said.
speaker of the house
Decorum, please” screamed a footman

There’ll be no laughing and clapping here in Mr UK Britain’s House
Eire: Mayne Meediar says

nothing to see here

to protect his master’s reputation. His silencing tactic serves  to avoid the uncomfortable truths about the damage he has done to me and my daughter and what he is doing today to Alba Scotia.
Alba: Sooner or later, whether Mr UK Britain likes it or not, he will have to actually debate the pros and cons of my future status in the family.

westminster parl

He holds my land and my money and tells me how to manage them. We know it benefits him. He tells us that over and over again. But what about me and my people?

What does Mayne Meediar think of you all?

Eire and Alba: He says “One should be respectful towards the family members, but they remain irrevocably other”.

Comment: One thing is quite clear. Anyone that wants to break up Mr UK Britain’s dysfunctional family of nations immediately become his enemy and is treated accordingly by his butler Mayne Meediar.

Mayne Meediar influences what decisions are taken or declined, what issues are thought worthy of discussion, in what order, in what way and by whom.
Only a line of questioning and an inflection in the voice that pleases Mr UK Britain sets the tone of the family discourse.

dark twins


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