Time for Truth?


As the Unionist parties trot back to full-time Stormont “work” in response to the UK government’s declaration on the paramilitary activity
state of play
in NI, other initiatives are moving forward
catchee monkey



1) Barra McGrory QC, Northern Ireland’s Director of Public Prosecutions, aided in his research by


Dr Michael Maguire and


Attorney General of Northern Ireland John Larkin QC

asked the PSNI Chief Constable in August to begin investigations into the activities of Scappaticci, who is known by the codename ‘Stakeknife’, and other security service personnel who are alleged to have colluded  in at least 24 murders carried out by the IRA in Northern Ireland.
Comment: “at least 24″!!!? How many could there really be? 48? 60? Even more . . . .?

A common link across a significant number of potential crimes, including murder, was the alleged involvement of an agent of military intelligence codenamed ‘Stakeknife’ or “Steak-knife”.

We learnt all about him here


Mr McGrory requested two separate investigations.
1)  to examine the full range of potential offences that may have been committed by Stakeknife and
2)  any potential criminal activity that may have been carried out by security service agents.

Comment: So the PSNI cannot carry out these investigations

why not
The Council of Europe wrote:

For an investigation into alleged unlawful killing by State agents to be effective, it is notably necessary for the persons responsible for and carrying out the investigations to be independent from those implicated in the incident and for the investigation to be capable of leading to the identification and punishment of those responsible”.

Query: Who’ll be called in as an independent body?


where's the evidence

relatives for justice

The RFJ has just sent a submission to European Court of Human Rights –

The families are holding the British Government to account for their failures to investigate state killings and collusion independently

Query: When’s the hearing? 

8-10 December 2015
Meeting: 1243 meeting (DH)
Item reference: Communication from a NGO (Relatives for Justice) (08/10/2015) in the McKerr group of cases against the United Kingdom (Application No. 28883/95) and reply from the authorities (15/10/2015)
Information made available under Rule 9.2 of the Rules of the Committee of Ministers for the supervision of the execution of judgments and of the terms of friendly settlements.


Queries: Is that why the UK  is so anxious to get the law passed on the Stormont House Agreement?

Is that why there’s such a close deadline on the latest “talks”?  

Because the UK  still hasn’t got it right for British/Irish citizens in NI?

still not right

what part no

Query: Who are Relatives for Justice?
RFJ is a world recognised NGO working with and providing support to relatives of people bereaved, and injured, by the conflict across the North of Ireland including border regions in the 26 counties. RFJ was founded in April 1991 when a number of bereaved families affected by the conflict came together to support one another. RFJ is one of only a few organizations operating on a regional basis across the North and on an all island basis.



PS Refs include some  relevant  legal material that’s not cited in post  for anyone that’s interested





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