Phantom Power – After the UK won the Scottish Referendum

Here’s the final part III of the documentary on the Scottish Referendum, focussing mainly on its aftermath. Many of the scenes and reflections will remind The Mirror readers of our posts  on the topic.

If you missed parts I and II, you’ll find  them here

Many thanks once again to “sharp looking, sharp minded” Paul Kavanagh and his Wee Ginger Dug who originally posted the film

A Russian ViewPoint on the Exodus to the EU

Since we’ve learnt a Syrian passport was found near one of the Paris jihadists, right-wingers all over the EU have called for the EU frontiers to be closed against refugees from Syria and elsewhere.

Here’s what one

Top Russian Writer Nikolai Starikov

had to say – a couple of months ago – about the reasons underlying the exodus from the Middle East/Afghanistan to the EU.

His questions are worth thinking about even though you might not agree with his answers