Scrap Northern Ireland

hello again2
Nice to see you back! What have you been doing?

What did you find out?
NI is a basket case
basket case
A failed wee country, state, province, occupied 6 counties
failed state

You mean politically?
orangeman in ni
Also economically
It needs to be
How dare you?

how dare you

Is it? If our wee country was a company it would have folded long ago.

Did you know that altogether Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland only contributed 14.2%. to the UK GVA in 2011. That’s practically unchanged since 2001. Still I suppose it’s better than nothing
What’s the GVA?
It ‘s how the government measures the value of economic output. It‘s one of the most important indicators of regional economic performance.

Anyway, the lowest GVA per hour worked is found in Northern Ireland. It’s 16% below the UK average.
And that’s bad?
yes of course
It means productivity is worst in Northern Ireland. It has basically flatlined since 2001
Despite all those journeys our First Minister
and His Deputy
went on to drum up business?

They haven’t had much success. But they did have some nice exotic holidays. Our wee country also has the least Gross Disposable Household Income per head
What’s Gross Disposable Household Income?
It’s how much money a household has for spending or saving.
disposable  income
It indicates how well people are doing
So we’re not doing well?
There’s little or no enterprise here. Business survival rates have dropped sharply from 71.1% for firms started in 2005 to 50.5% for firms born in 2008.
It was the largest net decline in the UK
Those Fleg protests over Christmas and the winter didn’t help
No indeed. And Northern Ireland also had the largest percentage fall in the number of workforce jobs
tell it again
The employment rate is only 66.7%,

There are few skills here.
school report
Northern Ireland has only 25.7% 16-64 year olds educated to degree standard. That’s the lowest share in the UK.
That’s because our young ones all go off to University on the mainland, to England and Scotland and then they settle down and stay there.
No wonder, fair play to them if they get jobs elsewhere.
21.7% of people in our wee province have no qualifications. That’s well over 10% higher than the UK average. It’s the highest rate in the UK. We also have the greatest level of inactivity, coming in at 27.2%.
So we’ve the highest rates in something. That’s good isn’t it?
Who’s inactive anyway? Besides them Flegspeople?
People who are looking after a home or family. Pensioners or the long-term sick.
What about pay?
Northern Irish men got the lowest median weekly earnings in 2012 at £479, only 9% higher than females
I don’t know why the UK bothers to keep us

worst day

Britain has no “selfish, strategic, or economic interest in Northern Ireland.

Away from my keyboard


And moving thro’ a mirror clear
That hangs there all the year,
Shadows of the world appear.

“I am half-sick of shadows,” said
The watcher to the mirror.
I’m off.

going away
I may be here
Or here
Or even here

But I’ll be back in August.

See you all then!!

Orange Order vs The State – Conflict of Interest ?

OrangeMan back
In 2009 The Orange Order had 34,538 members, down from 93,447 in 1968.
The Order says “We have Leaders in Political Life as well as in Finance, Industry and Education

So which MLAs are in the Orange Order?
The Stormont Register of Members’ Interests provides the information
Mr Tom Elliott is upfront about his membership of various Loyal Orders
tom elliott.jpg_1024
as is Mr Simon Hamilton
and several other MLAs, such as, for example, Mr Danny Kennedy (UUP, Newry and Armagh),

On the other hand, Mr Nelson Mc Causland DUP
Minister, Dept of Social Development
is reticent.
Under item No 11 Unremunerated Interests
he declares he is a Member, Linen Hall Library.


Under item No 11. Unremunerated interests
Members are required to list in this section any relevant non-financial interest.
Minister McCausland seems to have overlooked this important point.
Or perhaps he didn’t understand it?
don't know

How many others are there like him?
man counting

Now let’s consider the Democratic Unionist motion, which called the Parades Commission’s decision to place restrictions on the parade in Ardoyne “illogical”

Given such a close vote in support of the Orange Order’s call to protest 43 votes to 42.
Are we witnessing a Conflict of Interest?

sources coi


Don’t forget Mr James Craig,
As Prime Minister of Northern Ireland from 1921-1940, he oversaw a concerted program of blatant discrimination against Catholics, almost all of whom were of Nationalist (anti-English) persuasion.
He was proud to boast that membership of the Orange Order, a secret, oath-bound sectarian movement meant more to him than membership of parliament (Campbell TJ, Fifty years of Ulster, Belfast 1941)

And so we come to Mr Robinson’s statement
I think the Parades Commission got it completely wrong. I don’t believe that the Parades Commission have the respect or credibility in the community to continue in being.

But the Parade Commission is legally constituted under the Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Act 1998

So is the elephant in the room an enormous conflict of interest?


The Orange Order vs The State?

conflict zone

If so, what is Mr Cameron going to do?


The Orange Order is a Repeat Offender

attack14 Sep 2005
Orange Order ‘not to blame’ for riots


ISN SECURITY WATCH (14/09/05) – At a press conference earlier on Wednesday, the Protestant Orange Order refuted claims by the head of Northern Ireland’s police that it was to blame for a weekend of rioting in Belfast and elsewhere.
This statement came hours after the announcement by Northern Ireland Secretary of State Peter Hain that the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) ceasefire was no longer recognized.
While there is no link between the Orange Order and the UVF, members of both organizations were involved in three days of violence in Belfast and other towns in Northern Ireland from Saturday to Tuesday.
Rioting broke out on Saturday after the local authorities rerouted an Orange Order parade away from a Catholic nationalist area of west Belfast. The order to reroute was given by the Parades Commission, and enforced by police and soldiers.
Hugh Orde, Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), placed direct blame for the violence on the Orange Order, an exclusively Protestant organization.
While the Orange Order’s grand master on Wednesday condemned the violence, he also described the police response as “aggressive and violent”. Speaking to ISN Security Watch, David McNarry, an Orange Order member and an Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) representative in Northern Ireland’s devolved legislative assembly (MLA), focused on the issues that have compounded “the fears and frustrations of the unionist people”.
repeat offender


You look worried
I am I am. The boy’s been lifted.
Him and four 15-year-olds were arrested for rioting.
Whose fault is that?
SinnFein and the IRA
sinn fein
And the Parades Commission
parades commission
They need to stop banning marchers doing the parades Let Orangemen be Orangemen
orange march
and none of this violence will happen and my boy would have been home and out with his friends for a few drinks
Don’t be so bloody thick, mate.
Senior Orangemen openly encouraged mobs on to the streets and everyone knew what was going to happen.
In a normal society this organisation would be banned. Someone should now propose legislation banning the Orange Order for good.


So that’s the latest nuclear option! Ban all parades. Well I don’t want to see the OO proscribed
anti PC banner

You’re only marching to re-affirm re your right to supremacy because you once had it
And you won’t accept those days are over

We won’t respect any ban
Yes and look where your son is today.
We didn’t expect the police would enforce the determination. We were shocked to find our way barred

What are these republican PSNI up to? In my day the RUC turned a blind eye and got stuck into the other sort.
The police that were here could have dealt with that disorder easily themselves if manpower had been properly managed
Stop this self pitying whingeing. Orange Order members, your son among them, viciously attacked the police with all sorts of weapons and missiles
English and Scottish police were brought in just to beat the Prods because the PSNI couldn’t be trusted to do it
Don’t be so bloody stupid. What’s the charge?

Attempted murder A policeman said he attacked him with a ceremonial sword
I saw that at the police press conference. Is there any proof it was him?
The police said they had CCTV footage
Our lawyer claimed the boy was just taking part in the Twelfth parade. He said the excitement of being the swordbearer had clouded his judgment.
Being in the Orange Order clouded his judgement. Have ye heard this wee song?
It’s called The Patriot Game
“Come all ye Ornge marchers, and list while I sing,
For the love of King Billy is a terrible thing.
It banishes blame with the speed of a flame,
And makes you all part of a bigoted game”
What did the magistrate say?

He allowed him bail even though the constable objected saying he displayed visceral violence and his behaviour was almost animalistic.
autumn night
Hardly surprising. The behaviour of the orange order, bands and supporters as they pass contested areas and catholic churches. The bigotry, drunkenness, boorishness and violence was played out at the weekend for the eyes of the world to see.
breaking news
People all over the world now understand why nationalists and republicans oppose these marches, if they didn’t already

Always the big bad Prods fault
The judge banned him from going within half a mile of Belfast’s Crumlin Road and ordered him to report to police daily. He imposed a 6 pm curfew and said no drinking
orange no
He might be going to jail.
prison 2
He could have a criminal record that will affect of rest of his life. Disgrace

That’s what the Justice Minister David Ford said

force of government

The NI Grand National

The 2013 Civil Mayhem Blame Cup

1) Top favourite the Orange Order

Backers: The Chief Constable, Sinn Fein, the Secretary of State
chief constable
Mr Baggott launched a scathing attack on the Orange Order on Saturday, branding their call for protests on the streets, which descended into violence, as reckless

sinn fein
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness
“ the leadership of the Orange Order failed the Orange Order and these communities and they led people to the top of the hill and as a result saw people they represent rioting,” he said.
“The decision announced hours ago that they are suspending their protests was a massive admission by themselves that they were culpable for what happened.”

Gerry Kelly
gerry kelly
the Orange Order will not come to agreement and have refused to talk to residents.”
Niall O’Donnghaile
“What was orchestrated was the decision of the Orange Order to wind up the situation in Belfast knowing it would result in violence on the streets.”

The Secretary of State
The organizers of protests against restrictions on marches in Belfast on July 12 were warned they might provoke unrest,
“They were warned that bringing thousands of people onto the streets to protest was high-risk,”
“They always said they wanted peaceful protest, but in an atmosphere of very high tension it’s almost inevitable if you’re bringing thousands of people to protest that these kind of violent problems occur.”

2) The outsider – the PSNI

psni badge

Backers: Loyalist community leader Jim Wilson, the Orange Order, the DUP
“I tried to remonstrate with the police officers – Scotsmen and Englishmen. How can I speak to these people who don’t know who we are and what this is about?”
can't understand
Notable handicap. Is his Britishness being eroded?
The Order claimed that the rioting on Friday began when police used water cannon and fired baton rounds into the crowd on the Woodvale Road without warning after stones had been thrown at police lines.
The Order said: “The PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) have serious questions to answer, not least, with so many police officers available, why were they unable to stop clearly orchestrated attacks.”
dup banner
DUP Alderman Gavin Robinson: Amidst widespread condemnation for those who only sought to enjoy the Twelfth of July it is important to not only highlight that in five separate areas across the city, those peacefully parading were viciously attacked but also that PSNI failed to offer an adequate level of protection.

3) On the nose – The Parades Commission
parades commission

Backers: the DUP, the Orange Order
dup banner
They ruled that the Orange Order could not march home past Ardoyne shop fronts on Friday evening.

“Whether the Orange Order called for protests or not this was going to happen, it is the outworking of that determination.
DUP Social Development Minister, Mr Nelson McCausland, member of the Orange Order
“ if you send out the message ‘we reward violence’, as the Parades Commission do, it is inevitable it is going to happen.”

Orange Order statement: There will be the blame game and point scoring by all for the events that unfolded, however the Orange Institution will not be scapegoated for where the responsibility for this crisis truly lies – at the door of the Parades Commission.

1) – Leading Change
alliance logo
Backer: the Alliance party
Naomi Long :
“We need responsible language and leadership from elected representatives, rather than blame game politics to ensure this violence is brought to an end.

2) – Looking to the future
back future
sdlp logo
Alban Maginness
“Richard Haass is due in Northern Ireland next week to lead fresh talks to resolve some of our most divisive issues”
Mr Baggott launched a scathing attack on the Orange Order