Orange Order vs The State – Conflict of Interest ?

OrangeMan back
In 2009 The Orange Order had 34,538 members, down from 93,447 in 1968.
The Order says “We have Leaders in Political Life as well as in Finance, Industry and Education

So which MLAs are in the Orange Order?
The Stormont Register of Members’ Interests provides the information
Mr Tom Elliott is upfront about his membership of various Loyal Orders
tom elliott.jpg_1024
as is Mr Simon Hamilton
and several other MLAs, such as, for example, Mr Danny Kennedy (UUP, Newry and Armagh),

On the other hand, Mr Nelson Mc Causland DUP
Minister, Dept of Social Development
is reticent.
Under item No 11 Unremunerated Interests
he declares he is a Member, Linen Hall Library.


Under item No 11. Unremunerated interests
Members are required to list in this section any relevant non-financial interest.
Minister McCausland seems to have overlooked this important point.
Or perhaps he didn’t understand it?
don't know

How many others are there like him?
man counting

Now let’s consider the Democratic Unionist motion, which called the Parades Commission’s decision to place restrictions on the parade in Ardoyne “illogical”

Given such a close vote in support of the Orange Order’s call to protest 43 votes to 42.
Are we witnessing a Conflict of Interest?

sources coi


Don’t forget Mr James Craig,
As Prime Minister of Northern Ireland from 1921-1940, he oversaw a concerted program of blatant discrimination against Catholics, almost all of whom were of Nationalist (anti-English) persuasion.
He was proud to boast that membership of the Orange Order, a secret, oath-bound sectarian movement meant more to him than membership of parliament (Campbell TJ, Fifty years of Ulster, Belfast 1941)

And so we come to Mr Robinson’s statement
I think the Parades Commission got it completely wrong. I don’t believe that the Parades Commission have the respect or credibility in the community to continue in being.

But the Parade Commission is legally constituted under the Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Act 1998

So is the elephant in the room an enormous conflict of interest?


The Orange Order vs The State?

conflict zone

If so, what is Mr Cameron going to do?


3 thoughts on “Orange Order vs The State – Conflict of Interest ?

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  2. Orange Order sectarian Association are the tools for the British Institutions supremacy that inflected persecution and oppression of Irish Celtic Catholics majority and also Presbyterians oppressed The Anglican Church of Ireland was forced into Dublin and become the only one established Church privileged for the Anglo lrish protestant Ascendancy empowered by supremacy then got the seats in Parliament Dublin.

    Battle of Boyne win was only a victory for Anglican Church supremacy the Queen was the Head of Church and State the Orange Order claims of Reformation of liberation and freedom of religion are invalid.

    However supremacy is what the OO is about in sectarianism against Celtic Catholics and their faith
    They were responsible for Partition of Ireland and NI Government with their influence,insured most politicians was an Orange man and politically discriminated against Catholics which led to civil rights movement then stoned of the streets by the loyalists protected by the RUC etc

    The Orange Order are nearly all free masons, protestants and mainly politically motivated not a Christian culture when their rituals oaths degrees are pagan satanic explained and exposed by former Orange man now a Christian who has challenged exposed OO in his book called (Behind Closed Doors.)
    There fore people do not have to tolerate sectarian Orange Order Institutions or parades


  3. Thanks for your comment PJ and welcome to the site. I agree with your analysis but we have to ask – what is the main interest of MLAs and MPs who are members of the Loyal Orders ? Satisfying the Loyal Orders’ hunger for power and dominance as they piggy-back on Unionist parties? or making the GFA set-up work? No prizes for the correct answer!!


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