Scrap Northern Ireland

hello again2
Nice to see you back! What have you been doing?

What did you find out?
NI is a basket case
basket case
A failed wee country, state, province, occupied 6 counties
failed state

You mean politically?
orangeman in ni
Also economically
It needs to be
How dare you?

how dare you

Is it? If our wee country was a company it would have folded long ago.

Did you know that altogether Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland only contributed 14.2%. to the UK GVA in 2011. That’s practically unchanged since 2001. Still I suppose it’s better than nothing
What’s the GVA?
It ‘s how the government measures the value of economic output. It‘s one of the most important indicators of regional economic performance.

Anyway, the lowest GVA per hour worked is found in Northern Ireland. It’s 16% below the UK average.
And that’s bad?
yes of course
It means productivity is worst in Northern Ireland. It has basically flatlined since 2001
Despite all those journeys our First Minister
and His Deputy
went on to drum up business?

They haven’t had much success. But they did have some nice exotic holidays. Our wee country also has the least Gross Disposable Household Income per head
What’s Gross Disposable Household Income?
It’s how much money a household has for spending or saving.
disposable  income
It indicates how well people are doing
So we’re not doing well?
There’s little or no enterprise here. Business survival rates have dropped sharply from 71.1% for firms started in 2005 to 50.5% for firms born in 2008.
It was the largest net decline in the UK
Those Fleg protests over Christmas and the winter didn’t help
No indeed. And Northern Ireland also had the largest percentage fall in the number of workforce jobs
tell it again
The employment rate is only 66.7%,

There are few skills here.
school report
Northern Ireland has only 25.7% 16-64 year olds educated to degree standard. That’s the lowest share in the UK.
That’s because our young ones all go off to University on the mainland, to England and Scotland and then they settle down and stay there.
No wonder, fair play to them if they get jobs elsewhere.
21.7% of people in our wee province have no qualifications. That’s well over 10% higher than the UK average. It’s the highest rate in the UK. We also have the greatest level of inactivity, coming in at 27.2%.
So we’ve the highest rates in something. That’s good isn’t it?
Who’s inactive anyway? Besides them Flegspeople?
People who are looking after a home or family. Pensioners or the long-term sick.
What about pay?
Northern Irish men got the lowest median weekly earnings in 2012 at £479, only 9% higher than females
I don’t know why the UK bothers to keep us

worst day

Britain has no “selfish, strategic, or economic interest in Northern Ireland.

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