You look worried
I am I am. The boy’s been lifted.
Him and four 15-year-olds were arrested for rioting.
Whose fault is that?
SinnFein and the IRA
sinn fein
And the Parades Commission
parades commission
They need to stop banning marchers doing the parades Let Orangemen be Orangemen
orange march
and none of this violence will happen and my boy would have been home and out with his friends for a few drinks
Don’t be so bloody thick, mate.
Senior Orangemen openly encouraged mobs on to the streets and everyone knew what was going to happen.
In a normal society this organisation would be banned. Someone should now propose legislation banning the Orange Order for good.


So that’s the latest nuclear option! Ban all parades. Well I don’t want to see the OO proscribed
anti PC banner

You’re only marching to re-affirm re your right to supremacy because you once had it
And you won’t accept those days are over

We won’t respect any ban
Yes and look where your son is today.
We didn’t expect the police would enforce the determination. We were shocked to find our way barred

What are these republican PSNI up to? In my day the RUC turned a blind eye and got stuck into the other sort.
The police that were here could have dealt with that disorder easily themselves if manpower had been properly managed
Stop this self pitying whingeing. Orange Order members, your son among them, viciously attacked the police with all sorts of weapons and missiles
English and Scottish police were brought in just to beat the Prods because the PSNI couldn’t be trusted to do it
Don’t be so bloody stupid. What’s the charge?

Attempted murder A policeman said he attacked him with a ceremonial sword
I saw that at the police press conference. Is there any proof it was him?
The police said they had CCTV footage
Our lawyer claimed the boy was just taking part in the Twelfth parade. He said the excitement of being the swordbearer had clouded his judgment.
Being in the Orange Order clouded his judgement. Have ye heard this wee song?
It’s called The Patriot Game
“Come all ye Ornge marchers, and list while I sing,
For the love of King Billy is a terrible thing.
It banishes blame with the speed of a flame,
And makes you all part of a bigoted game”
What did the magistrate say?

He allowed him bail even though the constable objected saying he displayed visceral violence and his behaviour was almost animalistic.
autumn night
Hardly surprising. The behaviour of the orange order, bands and supporters as they pass contested areas and catholic churches. The bigotry, drunkenness, boorishness and violence was played out at the weekend for the eyes of the world to see.
breaking news
People all over the world now understand why nationalists and republicans oppose these marches, if they didn’t already

Always the big bad Prods fault
The judge banned him from going within half a mile of Belfast’s Crumlin Road and ordered him to report to police daily. He imposed a 6 pm curfew and said no drinking
orange no
He might be going to jail.
prison 2
He could have a criminal record that will affect of rest of his life. Disgrace

That’s what the Justice Minister David Ford said

force of government

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