The Case for the Union

Hello everyone! I’m back!!


After a wee trip, the flu, a couple of weeks overwork and a lot of boredom with the news in Ireland

(Still no government and a lacklustre Stormont Election campaign)

same old

same old, same old

I couldn’t resist tonight’s Saturday Night Film

It tells you why Unionists/Loyalists really support the Union

What they would never tell us

What we could never find out as it defies all rational thought-patterns

Moves beyond all known boundaries of Sense and Sensibility

Celebrates Pride and Prejudice!!

warning mass confusion

Here we go!!


bullshit detected

*The  film-makers confused Britain with England

*The Union/Empire  lasts forever.

* It can never be wrong.

*Unionists and Empire apologists  walk a long, long way  from reality, in an imaginary  rose-tinted land that never existed outside of their fantasies


Special recommendation for all those DUPed and TUVed people in our wee province: 

Nostalgia for  a mythical  past won’t provide you with a future outside of the EU

That particular  fable is  not coming back

It  was never there in the first place.

Remember The Mirror’s motto:

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us

 To see oursels as ithers see us!


Terminator pic


Why Britain is the Greatest Nation on the Earth

Irish Northerners and Southerners

This interesting article  examines Southern Attitudes to Northern Nationalism/Republicanism. This is a theme we have glanced at recently, as we considered the legacy of the Easter Rising, particularly with regards to President Higgins’ decision not to attend a Belfast City Council Civic Dinner to commemorate the Rising – because the Unionists/Loyalists weren’t going.


My mother is from Connacht; it’s in the west of Ireland, but we from the north generally call that “down south”. My father is from Tyrone, which is north of the Irish border. I my…

Source: Irish Northerners and Southerners