To Frack or Not To Frack (2)

The UK Govt has apparently decided on  No Fracking in Scotland , plenty in  Northern Ireland

Query: Do the people in Fermanagh know?

You may remember we talked about fracking in Ireland.

in a post that provides a lot of evidence for and against shale gas extraction.

It was cited nationwide in

People in the UK  are not happy with the  government’s refusal to release an unredacted report.

They are wondering what’s being  hidden from them.

If you are interested here’s the redacted report which was released in 2014.

However things are looking up for Scotland

The UK government has agreed to exclude Scotland from laws making it easier for fracking firms to drill for shale gas.

The Infrastructure Bill currently going through Westminster is set to allow underground access

in England, Wales and Northern Ireland ???????? but not Scotland.

The Scottish government, the Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Green Party had opposed the bill which would apply to residential areas.

fergus ewing

Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing SNP  said the move made sense.

This decision is a victory for common sense and shows how devolution of energy policy leads to different policy outcomes in Scotland.

“It is a vindication of the Scottish government’s continued objections to UK government plans to remove the right of Scottish householders to object to unconventional oil and gas drilling under their home.

“We’re glad the UK government has finally taken this on board – especially as 99 per cent of respondents to their own consultation also opposed the move.”


 Labour MP Tom Greatrex had lodged amendments to the bill requesting that full powers over shale gas exploration be given to the Scottish Parliament ahead of the general election in five months’ time.

Scotland and the rest of the UK mutually benefit from the sharing of energy resources, risks and rewards. There is no sense in changing that“

The UK government did not back the suggestions.

It pledged to exclude Scotland from the impending legislation.

Based on that offer the Scotland Office said “the opposition was content to withdraw its amendments”.

Just to cheer the people of Fermanagh up  here’s the latest Yew Choob video


There’s support out there for you!!Somewhere!

Will it also come from Stormont?