The NI Grand National

The 2013 Civil Mayhem Blame Cup

1) Top favourite the Orange Order

Backers: The Chief Constable, Sinn Fein, the Secretary of State
chief constable
Mr Baggott launched a scathing attack on the Orange Order on Saturday, branding their call for protests on the streets, which descended into violence, as reckless

sinn fein
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness
“ the leadership of the Orange Order failed the Orange Order and these communities and they led people to the top of the hill and as a result saw people they represent rioting,” he said.
“The decision announced hours ago that they are suspending their protests was a massive admission by themselves that they were culpable for what happened.”

Gerry Kelly
gerry kelly
the Orange Order will not come to agreement and have refused to talk to residents.”
Niall O’Donnghaile
“What was orchestrated was the decision of the Orange Order to wind up the situation in Belfast knowing it would result in violence on the streets.”

The Secretary of State
The organizers of protests against restrictions on marches in Belfast on July 12 were warned they might provoke unrest,
“They were warned that bringing thousands of people onto the streets to protest was high-risk,”
“They always said they wanted peaceful protest, but in an atmosphere of very high tension it’s almost inevitable if you’re bringing thousands of people to protest that these kind of violent problems occur.”

2) The outsider – the PSNI

psni badge

Backers: Loyalist community leader Jim Wilson, the Orange Order, the DUP
“I tried to remonstrate with the police officers – Scotsmen and Englishmen. How can I speak to these people who don’t know who we are and what this is about?”
can't understand
Notable handicap. Is his Britishness being eroded?
The Order claimed that the rioting on Friday began when police used water cannon and fired baton rounds into the crowd on the Woodvale Road without warning after stones had been thrown at police lines.
The Order said: “The PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) have serious questions to answer, not least, with so many police officers available, why were they unable to stop clearly orchestrated attacks.”
dup banner
DUP Alderman Gavin Robinson: Amidst widespread condemnation for those who only sought to enjoy the Twelfth of July it is important to not only highlight that in five separate areas across the city, those peacefully parading were viciously attacked but also that PSNI failed to offer an adequate level of protection.

3) On the nose – The Parades Commission
parades commission

Backers: the DUP, the Orange Order
dup banner
They ruled that the Orange Order could not march home past Ardoyne shop fronts on Friday evening.

“Whether the Orange Order called for protests or not this was going to happen, it is the outworking of that determination.
DUP Social Development Minister, Mr Nelson McCausland, member of the Orange Order
“ if you send out the message ‘we reward violence’, as the Parades Commission do, it is inevitable it is going to happen.”

Orange Order statement: There will be the blame game and point scoring by all for the events that unfolded, however the Orange Institution will not be scapegoated for where the responsibility for this crisis truly lies – at the door of the Parades Commission.

1) – Leading Change
alliance logo
Backer: the Alliance party
Naomi Long :
“We need responsible language and leadership from elected representatives, rather than blame game politics to ensure this violence is brought to an end.

2) – Looking to the future
back future
sdlp logo
Alban Maginness
“Richard Haass is due in Northern Ireland next week to lead fresh talks to resolve some of our most divisive issues”
Mr Baggott launched a scathing attack on the Orange Order

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