Our girl to kick the hornet’s nest?


Will our lovely SOS
stir hornet's nest
be the one?

What are you talking about?
DUP MLA Jonathan Craig said the authorities see problems around loyalist bonfires as an unsolvable “hornets’ nest” to be avoided.
hornet's nest
Ugly looking thing, isn’t it?
That’s the truth in our wee country.

You can tell it’s the truth because it’s ugly

Are the bonfires bigger this year?
Yes, because us Flegspeople are angry our Fleg has been torn down from Belfast City Hall.

Did you hear Antrim’s Ballycraigy estate bonfire has already collapsed twice?
And over at Belfast City Hospital the traffic lights will be switched off because they are near a bonfire
no traffic lights
No electricity up in Articlave
power off
What did the Parades Commission decide?
No return parade by the Orange Order past Ardoyne shop fronts on the Twelfth
no way back
No music or drumbeats in the morning parade.
no drumbeat
Only 100 supporters to accompany the Lodges and bands

small crowd
What did Nigel Dodds, DUP MP for North Belfast say?
Scrap the parades commission!
The ruling is “perverse”
What happened then?
He was suspended from House of Commons
out damned spot

What did our girl say?
“A decision to ban a return parade by the Orange Order must be respected “.

You won’t like that, will you?

What are the police doing?
Drafting in 630 more men




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