The Glorious Twalfth – Nights of Truth

You certainly excelled yourselves this year
11th July
virgin mary

You think people should be outraged at a plastic statue that is going to be set on fire?

SDLP MLA John Dallat has been warned by police that a death threat targeting him had been placed on top of a loyalist bonfire in Garvagh
death threat

So what? it’s our cultural heritage. We demand respect for it
Anyway, the Orange Order called for us to protest against the determination of the Parades Commission
and DUP leader, First Minister Peter Robinson agreed.
He said the Orange Order’s decision to protest over a Parades Commission ruling preventing a return Twelfth parade past the Ardoyne shopfronts is “justified”.

12th July


The Grand Master himself stirred the pot.
County Grand Master George Chittick said that the Order “denounced” the Parades Commission, which he claimed had only arbitrary power.

Was that why you played the ‘Sash’ outside St Patrick’s Church, against a ruling by the Parades Commission.
cultural war
What are you whingeing about? Band plays The Sash on the 12th. What’s new pussycat? Anyway, the church doors were closed at the time.

As Orangemen at the Battle of the Boyne, our forefathers got rid of arbitrary power and we will not accept it now – never. No surrender.”
no surrender2
We even staged a protest outside the Belfast office of the Parades Commission

anti PC banner
Orange Order Grand Chaplain Mervyn Gibson, told us in Rasharkin,
“Rather than waking up to fight each other, we need to concentrate yet again on defeating republicanism, this time in the cultural war.
“Let this generation not be found wanting, do not fight the war on yesterday’s battlefield – fight the war on today’s battleground as we unite to get rid of the Parades Commission.”


Mr Baggott criticised those within the Orange Order who had called for protests.
“Some of their language was emotive and having called thousands of people to protest they had no plan and no control and, rather than being responsible, I think the word for that is reckless.”


DUP MP, Orangeman Nigel Dodds was knocked unconscious

dodds injured
Wrong place, wrong time
bad luck
Friendly fire, eh? I suppose you think there’s a conflict of interest since he also represents the CNR in North Belfast

Police have confirmed that officers were attacked by ceremonial swords


Here’s some of the trouble the police had to deal with

What are you complaining about? We stopped didn’t we? Senior Orangemen called for our protest action to be suspended.

And Mr Robinson agreed
“While there is justifiable anger and frustration at the Parades Commission, who bear much responsibility for the situation in Belfast, as do those who attacked parades as they passed certain locations, nonetheless, those who are using the cover of protest to attack the police are massively damaging the cause they support.

Anything to do with Baggot ordering 800 extra cops from Britain?
What I find hard to take is you don’t obey most PC rulings and yet you are still treated with kid gloves. You and the bands aren’t held accountable for the public disorder you incite or the damage you cause. Why’s that?
Why should we be held accountable to anyone?

We control the government at Stormont and the 12th is a national celebration.

political power
You are nothing but an international embarrassment
We’re the majority, the Loyal sons of Ulster.
12th Adam Smyth (@adamcsmyth) July 12, 2013


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