Calling all Sudoki fans! Help Needed!

C’mon all you Sudoki fans.

All you Maths Wizards!
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Game of Throne Experts

Chess Masters
Even Grand Masters!

Real ones, I mean – not those pseudo Orange Lodge Grand and Worshipful Masters!

Solve this problem!


Because the UK certainly can’t and won’t as it travels the  Euro Line through to Brussels Bridge.

Journey Update

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The UK  Brexit train is fast approaching Grovellors’ Gate.

Carriages have detached.   The train is now stopped in Dead Canary Wharf as the EMA  carriages move to Amsterdam and the EBA to Paris, taking up to 1,000 jobs with them.

The European Commission has informed the British Government that a British City cannot be a European Capital of Culture in 2023

Next major  halt  for the rest of the Brexit  train – the break-up line in Scotland Yard!

Coming up  Autumn 2018 – Spring 2019

British Rail timetables were always erratic!




NB – The Remain Shuttle is “Out of Service” and likely to remain so for the forseeable, no matter what Vince Cable and the Lib-Dems say! And  Lord Kerr who wrote Article 50!

The bus service back to Status Quo has been cancelled due to trade disputes which haven’t started yet.






the great appear great because we are on our knees!

I’m reblogging here an article by Joe Mc Veigh on Jude Collins website

“I wonder if they are capable of changing. I wonder if they are serious about building a future together with their neighbours as outlined in various legally binding Agreements”.

Like myself, Joe has his doubts –

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Unionist/Loyalist intransigence is very real

The second part of Joe’s article deals with convincing Unionists/Loyalists that they have everything to gain in a Re-United Ireland.
They may well have – but

They don’t want it under any circumstances

Convincing will have no effect.

Sinn Fein and the SDLP are also great at giving advice to Unionists/Loyalists

“the DUP should condemn 11th night bonfires, the UDA and the UVF

And so on and so forth

Advise and Suggest as much as you want –

Risultati immagini per feel free to suggest

Suggestions, recommendations, pleas for rationality, friendly outreach,  have made , and will make, no or a minimal  impact on DUP/Unionist/Loyalist/Orange Order behaviour.

They will in fact just drive them into contrary behaviour patterns and further intransigence.


Time to stop, call a halt 

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We have already explained how the Unionists/Loyalists are a tiny minority within the UK 
They may appear to be a large majority in Northern Ireland but they are not.  

They’re an irrelevance to the bigger picture in three countries but their sectarian bigotry holds us all hostage – never more so than today as they support the May government at Westminster

As James Connolly said

Begging, pleading with Unionists/Loyalists/Orange Order to consider, accept, mitigate their attitude towards the Irish Nationalist/Republican  point of view has got us


When Unionists/Loyalists  treat Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans badly,

and do it again and again and again,

and Catholics/Nationalists/Republicans keep waiting and hoping that they will change and treat us well,

or at least not harm us , then we are being abused.


Time for Irish men and women to ignore the Unionists/Loyalists/Orange Order

Time to press on regardless for what we want

If Unionists/Loyalists can fit in – fine

If they can’t – they’ll have to learn to

Risultati immagini per like it or lump it



The 11th Night, Belfast, 2017

I hadn’t planned to write anything more about the 11th July night in Northern Ireland.
I’ve written so many posts about it. You can search through the archives and read them all, if you wish.
It’s the same old, same old sectarian hate-fest that’s been going on for years and years and years – an exodus of ordinary decent people from the North of Ireland (unless they live in some upper-class secluded area where they neither see nor hear no evil) , lawless bonfire collectors and builders, danger and damage to houses, a set-piece of  hate crime

The police, whether

the now defunct RUC or the

PSNI, stand back, watch and mouth platitudes about “not being able to do anything”

Comment: This is your day job, mates.

You get your salary for combatting hate crime.

When are you going to start earning your keep?


Unionists/Loyalists say “it’s our culture. It’s just a fun-day/evening/night out for the childer” as they burn the flags of the Republic of Ireland, Poland, and anywhere else that’s the object of their irrational hatred this year.

They burn pictures and effigies of Sinn Fein and SDLP politicians, Republican hunger-strikers, emblems of the Catholic religion.

They  would probably burn a Catholic too if they could get their hands on one!

A loyalist bonfire at Bloomfield Walkway in Belfast
They endanger their own houses and hospitals.

An Orange bandsman plays his flute during the 11th night bonfire at the Belfast New Mossley housing estate in 2015

An Orange bandsman plays his flute during the 11th night bonfire at the Belfast New Mossley housing estate in 2015 CREDIT: CHARLES MCQUILLAN

Yet the Orange Order washes its hands of the “Bonfire Culture”
Nothing to do with us” it says “We don’t organise any bonfires

Query: Who do you think you’re fooling?

This year the DUP’s narrow vision will be on parade with the whole UK watching.

Remember: One-third of  DUP  members  belong to the Orange Order.

Over half of DUP elected officials are members of the Orange order,

A  majority of the 10 MPs  currently propping up the Conservatives are members of the Orange Order.

Tonight Orangeism/Loyalism has truly plunged to the depths of its anti-Catholic, anti-Irish prejudice.

No doubt it was emboldened by the DUP hold over Mrs May and the Tory administration in Westminster.
A bonfire on Clonduff Road, East Belfast has strung up a black coffin with a picture of the late Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Mr Martin Mc Guinness

An effigy of former Sinn Fein Martin McGuinness bonfire on Clonduff Road in east Belfast, ahead of the key date in the protestant loyal order marching season – the Twelfth of July. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday July 11, 2017. See PA story ULSTER Twelfth. Photo credit should read: PA Wire

You may remember Mr Mc Guinness died of a serious illness earlier this year.

Mr Clinton, former President of the USA spoke at his funeral which was attended by statesmen from all over the world.

And hundreds and hundreds of ordinary decent Irish people.

These are the hundreds, if not thousands, of people the Unionists/Loyalists have now offended profoundly.

Mr Mc Guinness spent the last 20 years of his life trying to reach out to DUP leaders as representatives of NI Unionists and bigots, the Orange Order and Loyalist paramilitary organizations..

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Risultati immagini per martin mc guinness and peter robinson

Risultati immagini per martin mc guinness
He got nowhere – as he himself admitted in the end.
Unionist and Loyalist MLAs wouldn’t even say “Good morning” if they met him in the lift or along one of Stormont’s interminable corridors.
Rumours (which may or may not be true) are that the man behind this bullying policy of “sending Sinn Feiners to Coventry” was allegedly no other than our very own North Belfast MP, Privy Councillor, Arch Orangeman, Doddsy himself!

Nigel Dodds, MP, deputy leader of the DUP, PM Theresa May’s right-hand man!

Comments:  1) There is something very very sick in these people.

This behaviour is beyond abnormal .

It’s pathological! It’s the product of a diseased mind.

A diseased mind that was fostered by the UK and  is now part of  the UK government  

2)  Some non-Unionists in Northern Ireland  said:

this was to be expected

it’s not even surprising

I was surprised there weren’t more, to be honest”

Queries: How do you feel now, PM Theresa May?

You  bribed a bigotted sectarian party any decent person would be ashamed of – just to keep you in power?

Is this what England wants?

Is this what Wales and Scotland want?
Because you need to know – this is what NI has had for over 100 years
Her Majesty’s Roman Catholic subjects in Northern Ireland have faced unrelenting violence, bigotry and sectarianism for over a century, supported by all Westminster governments.

Orange and British culture in NI now amounts to gigantic hate bonfires and their stolen pallets, confrontational “religious” marches, the RHI,  “dark money” and other financial scandals, Loyalist paramilitaries, an anti- women and  anti-LGBT rights agenda, ingrained   prejudice against Irish people and anti-Catholic sectarianism.

And then

Irish Catholics and non-Unionists feel alienated from the UK?

And you wonder why some would do anything to escape your grasp?

Even hunger-strike to their deaths?

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Pics and Refs

An effigy of former Sinn Fein Martin McGuinness bonfire on Clonduff Road in east Belfast, ahead of the key date in the protestant loyal order marching season – the Twelfth of July. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday July 11, 2017. See PA story ULSTER Twelfth. Photo credit should read: PA Wire