You YES yet? From Unionism to Independence

Saturday night – Film Night

This series of short video testimonials  started to appear a little while ago
Many different  people, in various jobs and of diverse political persuasions, bear witness as they wrestle with their consciences and move from Supporting Unionism to Supporting Scottish Independence.

Any chance of the same thing happening in Northern Ireland?

Are any Unionists moving to support a Re-United Ireland?

Are they willing to say so online?

Or does the  cry of 

still ring loud and clear to intimidate?

Risultati immagini per apprentice boys derry

Risultati immagini per apprentice boys derry



Enjoy as  old and new  Scots  debate the issues individually and freely  with no thoughts of any “Lundy”!

Maybe somewhere among them you can recognize someone like yourself.

And ask yourself

If s/he can do it, why can’t I?”

“Why don’t I?”














150 years ago today, the Fenian Rising commenced.
Here’s an interview with the late historian Shane Kenna

Dr Kenna, who recently  died aged 33, from stomach cancer, was one of the foremost authorities on the Fenian movement.

Here he talks about John Devoy whose activities as an Irish Revolutionary spanned the Fenian and 1916 Risings. Devoy even met Eamonn De Valera, 1st President of the Irish Republic in New York!


Seems the right time to remind you all of our Phoenix Rising Trilogy on Fenianism

True Story: Heart–to-heart with Miss GFA Northern Ireland

breaking news

A break-up coming? Will she give him his walking papers? Show him the door?

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“C’mon and sit down here, beside me pet,

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Miss Unionist GFA Northern Ireland

Miss GFA Ulster
We need to have a word. It’s about this upcoming election of yours”.

“I know you’ve already got


your frock for the big Results night.
But I hope you’re not thinking of bringing

blind orangemen
Lyal Arders as your Significant Other, are you?”

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Your relationship with Lyal Arders just isn’t working.

Personally I don’t know what you ever saw in him. I know he’s your brother,

john bull3

Irish  Jack Bull’s  best friend – they’ve been very close for a long, long time, well before you were even born
But that’s no reason for you to keep on with him.

Just look at the way he dresses.

He’s far too old for you with his old-time 1690 mentality and morality
You can’t even manage to pass your driving test because you’re constantly looking over your shoulder at him

He has his obsessions.


You can’t do anything about them love, can you?

You’ll not stop him marching around, forcing his way into places where’s he’s not wanted, will you?

He’s beyond your help – over 4,000 marches a year I heard at the last count.

That works out at over 10 times a day. If that’s not obsessive behaviour I don’t know what is.

See a psychiatrist, he should.

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He’s a big bruiser and he doesn’t care about you.

He’s always piggy-backing on to your Unionist parties, taking over your Assembly on the sly, promoting his own agenda. You’ve no idea who your real friends are because you don’t know if people support him or you
You’re not clever enough to sort them Taigs  out ” he says.

He’s more trouble than he’s worth, pet.


I know you’ve got a joint credit card because things were getting tight, austerity wasn’t it? Yet the word’s out he’s busy helping  to squander your money on some bird-brained heating scheme called Cash for Ash

orange conflict of interest

Lyal Arders and his mates voted for BREXIT!  didn’t they?

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when you  want to stay in Europe. You want to keep adding EU funds into your bank account.And why wouldn’t you?
They want to squander your money on Nukes, Palaces, Heating Schemes, Aircraft carriers, Trains to nowhere, New airports .

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All the while you’re running about skint. No money for the dentists or the doctors. Hardly enough for your hairdresser and make-up. The road’s  that bad outside your house,  anyone would be afraid to step out let alone drive along it!

Risultati immagini per road with potholes

It’s not good enough, love

He’s now running about with the vicar’s daughter, that geography teacher


who wangled her way into that top level managerial position. She’s fallen out with all your neighbours and is busy flirting with some fat,  tanned businessman from the golf club. But Lyal Arders doesn’t care – Oh no, he thinks he’s so important to  both of them. He’s got fingers in pies in Scotland

Risultati immagini per orange fascists in glasgow

where the golf man’s family comes from.

I’m telling you,love, he’s past it, he’s bad for you.

Lyal Arders won’t change.

I know you gave Lyal Arders one more chance back in 2013 when that lovely American counsellor Mr Haas was around trying to help you. I even showed you a letter about Lyal Arders

but you paid no attention.

Lyal Arders has drained your confidence

Risultati immagini per woman with no confidence

Your Unionist supporters can hardly stand on their own two feet without him. He keeps telling them they can’t cope without him.

It’s time to dump him, petal. Say goodbye to


Orangemen and their  Lyal Arders

The stress is killing you.

Look at the weight of voters you’ve lost.
Have a word with him and get it sorted.

Tell Lyall Arders to form his own party, write his own manifesto, propose candidates and canvass voters to elect him.
That’s what people do in democratic societies, isn’t it?
Let him stand under his own colours and then you’ll see how many people really support him

And you’ll see the type of person you can be without him constantly dragging you back into  re-living his fantasy of

orange state

Comments and Queries:

A gigantic Conflict of Interest is no longer acceptable in Northern Ireland.

It derives from Loyal Orders piggy-backing into power on Unionist parties .
Unionist voters do not know what they are voting for – party policy or Loyal Order policy?
Or are the two inextricably linked, never to be separated out, for as long as Stormont exists?

Will breaking the connection between the Loyal Orders and Unionist parties be one of Sinn Fein’s demands in the up-coming post-election negotiations? Shouldn’t it be?

orange state

Why don’t Unionist parties  promote only the political reasons for supporting the Union, only candidates who are not members of Loyal Orders and canvass for votes accordingly?


If the Loyal Orders want to exert political power, let them form their own party and stand their candidates under their own colours! They would have 2 things to offer their voters: support for the Union + their own particular anti-Catholic views and sectarian way of life.

Let’s all see if that’s still a winning  combination!

orange state

And whether the Orange State  will live on!!

Because it does live on at this present moment in time,

hiding in full sight as it’s nested within Unionist parties.


America First, Right?

But who’s coming second?

European countries are already making their bids for second place! 

Videos out from Switzerland (douze points)


 and The Netherlands 



Armenia is setting its sights high – it wants to be an Alternative First


And Malta is making its voice heard


Always patriotic, France sub-titled her video



But the strongest contender has to be Russia

Where’s Ireland’s bid for second place?

It’s not these speeches by Enda, is it?


Irlande, nul points!

Welcome 2017

Wishing all readers and friends health, wealth,  good cheer and happiness in 2017. 

We’ve learnt from the past. We’re living for today.

We’re hoping for a better tomorrow after the atrocities we saw in Europe and the Middle East in 2016.

Good luck to all as we move along our separate paths towards freedom and happiness.

Let us all travel  towards a world where everyone is recognized as  a neighbour 

and each country takes its rightful place among the nations of the world.


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