150 years ago today, the Fenian Rising commenced.
Here’s an interview with the late historian Shane Kenna

Dr Kenna, who recently  died aged 33, from stomach cancer, was one of the foremost authorities on the Fenian movement.

Here he talks about John Devoy whose activities as an Irish Revolutionary spanned the Fenian and 1916 Risings. Devoy even met Eamonn De Valera, 1st President of the Irish Republic in New York!


Seems the right time to remind you all of our Phoenix Rising Trilogy on Fenianism




Musical Interlude – concerted voices

We have always said Brexit could lead to the break-up of the UK, not just the EU. As the Westminster vote to Withdraw from the EU moves towards the House of Lords for ratification in the next couple of weeks, here’s a little concert to stimulate thoughts on  what Scotland and Northern Ireland are going to do next.

Overture:  The Brexit vote was won by appealing to a mish-mash of historical myths


Requiem: the EU Anthem as Westminster voted against all amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill.


Comment: What a Celtic gesture of defiance at the moment of defeat for EU nationals in the UK, Scottish requests for compromise in the Brexit approach and Westminster’s refusal to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement!

Cantata:  Northern Ireland


Coda:  For Scotland and Northern Ireland


Ritornello: We’re gonna stay in the EU anyway!


America First, Right?

But who’s coming second?

European countries are already making their bids for second place! 

Videos out from Switzerland (douze points)


 and The Netherlands 



Armenia is setting its sights high – it wants to be an Alternative First


And Malta is making its voice heard


Always patriotic, France sub-titled her video



But the strongest contender has to be Russia

Where’s Ireland’s bid for second place?

It’s not these speeches by Enda, is it?


Irlande, nul points!

UK, say good-bye to Scotland leaving . . . . .

Then  say good-bye to Scotland gone . . . .

It’s not a trick

Your senses all deceiving

A fitful dream the morning will exhaust

Don’t say the moment was imagined

As someone long prepared for the secession

In full command of every plan you wrecked

The only Unionist arguments for taking Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the EU even though they voted to Remain:

*the EU referendum was conducted on a UK-wide basis,  

* won by a slim majority and

*devolved administrations have no input into Brexit negotiations

Query: Does  the UK realise it has no independent existence outside of its individual member states?

Scotland and  Ireland, including Northern ireland,   do  have an independent existence outside the UK. 

Their symbols, culture, music, dance, arts and science are recognized world-wide

Remember:  The only reason for maintaining the Union is that :

No Union = No UK.

When Scotland leaves and Ireland is re-united, there will be no UK any more

But there’ll always be an England!And England shall be free!


Words and song by the late, great  Leonard Cohen