Best wishes to all for 2019 – Is mise Eire agus Alba

Wishing  readers, lurkers, supporters  and commentators all the best for 2019

We move forward together, resolute in standing up to Brexit and Austerity

So here’s a special concert

just to remind the Irish and Scots that
Most of Ireland has now taken her place among the nations of the earth and the rest will not be left behind
We are still waiting for Scotland to write her own song and claim her own place

Risultati immagini per now or never

Fellow Scots

Time  for Scotland to write her own symphony

Tunes you might recognise in Ireland’s  music of the free

Remember:     Croppies don’t lie Down

Lillibullero:    Step together, on we go! Heel to heel, Toe to toe!

Culloden /Boolavogue 1798 – A rebel officer came over the hill
Brexit:       A Nation Once Again

March 2019:   “God save Scotland”, said the heroes
“God save Scotland” said we all

“Too late, too late”  the heron craked


6 thoughts on “Best wishes to all for 2019 – Is mise Eire agus Alba

  1. “Time for Scotland to write her own symphony …”
    Well what came to mind was the Freedom Come All Ye. A big wee tune that just asks for orchestration, although it stands out equally with a single strong voice, or a thousand. There seem to be many versions on YouTube alone, here’s just the first I found, and tbh it’s power and honesty reduced me to tears :

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  2. Thanks for the links Marconatrix. The first reminded me of the amazing atmosphere, humour and total cross section of Sccotland’s people at the marches. The second one is very poignant, I recognised a couple of places where I used to work creels. Although it all looks so different from the air.

    This is another version of Freedom come all ye, Karine Polwart. Just her, no instruments, no auto tune, nothing but a pure voice.

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