Week 4 (ii) – Death Knell – Italy and the Coronavirus pandemic

Day 22 – Friday 13th March 2020

Shocking news today: 250 people died in just 24 hours

All the stats

14,955 infected; 1266 dead, 1439  recovered

8754/14,955  (49%) hospitalised;   1328/14.955 (9.7%) in ICU

6201  quarantined at home

17,660 = total number of infections

Day 23- Saturday 14th March 2020

17,750 infected; 1,441 dead; 1,966 recovered
9,890/17,750 (56%) hospitalised; 1581/17,750 (9%) in ICU
7,860 quarantined at home

NB: 21.157= total number of infections

Specks of light in the darkness

1)Only 175 deaths today as compared with 250 yesterday.

2)More patients are recovering.

3)No new infections in one hotspot in the Venice region.

At 6.00 pm this evening, just as these figures were being announced, someone in our neighbourhood played music on a loudspeaker


The National Anthem was followed by

And finally

Italians know they will triumph over this disease.
But what a toll it is taking.

Remember: Each and every patient that passed away, died alone in an isolation ward and could have been buried or cremated alone. The remains were driven from the hospital directly to a crematorium operating 24/7 or a rapidly filling graveyard.The hearses lined up for their turn to go in.

There was no service to commend the soul to God and the body to earth. There were certainly no hymns or eulogy.

Since family members could well have been quarantined at home, if not ill themselves, there was often no one at the funeral.

And in any case, in lockdown Italy, only 1 or 2 people are allowed to attend each burial.


Image result for ashes to ashes dust to dust


Refs and Pics




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