When you look at that Colossus, remember Bloody Sunday (Dublin1920, Derry 1972)

Bloody Sunday Dublin

Bloody Sunday Derry

How many times until we learn?


This post possibly by Pete Cavanagh from Derry i.e.  Peadar Gearóid Chaomhánach

expresses my thoughts about the new statue in St Stephen’s Green and the Poppy perfectly .

Some music to go with the post:


and for our Scottish friends

And while we’re about it

Here’s the Last Post for all the Fallen who died fighting against British  Imperialism, wherever you were


And Flowers of the Forest

for Willie Mac Bride and all the others like him



I believe this was written by Pete Cavanagh from Derry – long read but well worth it!

I see this hype that’s taking up the news
About a certain sportsman and his well-known views
Maybe now I could shed some light
On a certain country and it’s plight.
Well you burned all our churches but we’ll say no more
And cut to 1711, Donegal Shore.
A priest said Mass upon a soggy leafy Floor.

Red Coats came, his head chopped off
All because he was a man of the cloth.
Dander across that ancient bridge
Wolfe Tone was captured just over the ridge
The Forefather of republicanism who sliced his own throat, so the English soldiers couldn’t kill him and gloat.

The famine came, made worse by your British GENOCIDE, because you did not help
A million starved, you assisted their death.
Up and down our ancient land “let them…

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