On HM’s Sectarian Service


on her majesty's sectarian service

No prizes for the name of the 007 film

Dr No Surrender


Casino Loyale

Live and Let Taigs Die

Blood and Thunderball

Never Say Never Surrender

Feel free to add your own!!!

This picture from LAD, starring Daniel Craigavon,  goes hand in hand with this blog from a Sinn Fein councillor in Dublin

conspiracy theories

Sinn Féin & the Army Council

 So here’s how it works. At 5am my army council issue alarm clock abruptly wakes me. I jump out of bed and take a 4 minute military style cold shower.

I then eagerly stand to attention beside the army council issue telex machine. At 5.25am my orders arrive telling me where to go, who to meet and what to say.

Duly instructed, I go about my business as a Sinn Féin activist and South Dublin County Councillor.

At 10pm, having completed my allotted tasks for the day I return home. I read my designated 24 pages of the army council issue collected writings of Comrade Adams. At 10.45pm content that I have served my master well I go to sleep.

When confronted with the important political issues of the day I take my cue from an unknown group of people, meeting in secret, deciding what I should think and how I should respond.

I have no mind or opinions of my own. I blithely take instructions from others. I am but a small cog in a well-oiled machine designed and directed by the IRA Army Council.

This is what a motley crew of disgruntled securocrats, failing politicians and partisan journalists would have you believe. They present no evidence to support their outlandish claims. They are trading in lies.

The idea that a non-existent IRA army council tells me what to do is not only absurd, it is an insult.

It is an insult to the hundreds of us elected to public office and the thousands of party activists. More importantly it is an insult to the half a million people who vote for Sinn Féin.

Read the rest of it here:


sinn fein army council

And enjoy the LAD satire here




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