Bye-Bye Loyalism?

in from the cold

They said Loyalists were coming in from the cold

How do we feel about today’s declaration?

pinch of salt
Take with a large pinch of salt?

water boiling
They said it took  18 months  to bring this to the boil.

Did it?

Or was it  quick- fried in a couple of weeks?

Since Mr Cameron insisted the new Triumvirate would investigate all paramilitary associations?
What do Loyalists  want?



” a three strand ‘wish list’ that includes input into future political talks, an end to historic prosecutions and additional community jobs and facilities.”


1) They will have input into future political talk as soon as people in NI vote for them. So far they haven’t.
2) Since they are asking for an end to historic prosecutions, Loyalists mustn’t be happy about the mountains of evidence of collusion between them and Crown forces in the murder of Catholics that are coming to public attention – in the EU no less.
3) Money, money, money


Loyal to the half-crown, not the crown”  said older generations in Belfast.

Pay them enough and they’ll go away”  say people  today.

No thanks” says Winston Irvine, Loyalist spokesman
He also mentioned the poor standard of education in loyalist youth.
We know what causes that.

Young people in Loyalist communities told us.

The Ulster Volunteer Force, Ulster Defence Association and Red Hand Commando still exist in some shape and form.
They are illegal, proscribed organizations.
Queries: Why weren’t they arrested at the press conference?

Where’s the Unionist expression of horror at their existence?

horror girl 2

What happens next ?


The proof of the pudding

will be the benchmarks set up to monitor

*an exit strategy


*distancing from crimes like drug dealing, extortion,sectarianism, racism, burning and intimidating people out of their homes, murder, violence and so on.
Comment: Renouncing sectarianism in all its variegated manifestations and desisting from house burning/intimidation will be the hardest steps for Loyalists

Query: Coffee anyone?



4 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Loyalism?

  1. I’ll pass on the coffee; make sure you throw a pinch of salt (or something more substantial) over your shoulder; these ones aren’t going anywhere. Funny as hell, or at least it would be if it weren’t true. Thanks.


  2. Has anyone in the UUP or the DUP made any comments about all these terrorist leaders of illegal organisations , apparently involved in criminality on a community-wide scale ,meeting in one room and no arrests being made ? Where are Arlene , Peter , Edwin, Jeffrey and the rest with their musings?


    • Silence is golden Paddy!! More to the point what do rank and file members of the various Unionist/loyalist paramilitary groupings think? What does the public know? – except that the UDA published a now “unauthorized” statement that they weren’t going away, you know!!!


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