Westminster voted in favour of English Votes for English laws (EVEL)

312 for to 270 against

What are we to think of this?

1) As long as the UK Parliament has the power to levy taxes across the United Kingdom there can be no such thing as English-only laws.
Taxation without representation is the ultimate tyranny.

no taxation without representation
Didn’t that cause a revolution somewhere? Sometime?

Long, long ago in the past, before you or I or our great-great- grandparents were born?

That led to the birth of a Republic?

stars and stripes

2) EVEL is disenfranchisement. It prevents elected MPs from representing their constituents in the parliament they were elected to.

bella caledonia
Alba: “ it is not equality within the ‘family of nations’.

There will now be two classes of MP – those that can vote on everything and those that can’t.

Comment: Scottish MP’s are now second class at Westminster.
As presumably are Northern Irish and Welsh MPs
Though they were pretty much 2nd class members already, weren’t they?

3) EVEL  is proof that Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are not British
They are “other”  No news here!!


Comment: Scots, Northern Irish and Welsh Unionists who consider themselves to be British have not come to terms with the fact that the British do not consider them to be British. Deluded, anyone?

4) Even brickbat DUP leader Nigel Dodds

dodds injured


dodds orangeman

was worried
Our profound fear is not what this does to or for England, which is very little in truth”,

Comment: Mr Dodds has finally appeared to realize that the UK parliament is  effectively the English Parliament.It always was. England in terms of voting superiority and weight of MP numbers, is the UK.

England doesn’t need its own Parliament. It already has it. It has always had it. At Westminster.

westminster parl

5) What are the representatives of the “family nations” supposed to do?

exit HOC
*Dutifully exit the House of Commons at the appointed time?
*Continue to vote as elected representatives should?
*If so, will they be arrested for trying to vote?

westminster serjeant at arms
*Will Serjents at Arms  point maces at them, threatening them if they don’t leave?

*Will bouncers be stationed at the entrance to the lobbies in case they try to vote on relevant matters?

6) Has the final nail in the Union coffin just been banged in?

nail in coffin
Will Scotland, NI and Wales  decide there is little point in sending MPs to Westminster? They had minimal influence anyway.

Now they have even less!

Northern Ireland’s very own Nigel Dodds MP seems to think it might!

dodds orangeman
Quite frankly, our union does not need any more rending.”

broken heart

Which implies it’s  fairly rent already.

Comments: EVEL will probably increase disputes and grievances in Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland.

The “family nations” face stark choices:

a) accept second class status in an undemocratic UK

b) be forced out of the Union like diseased limbs amputated to save the remaining body  (England) 

What an ever more absurd union!





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