Ian Kyle Paisley – Genesis to Revelation (!!!)

Face to Face with Eamonn Mallie, whose son produced the show
Here’s Part 1 of the well-publicised programme

What emerges is a portrait of a power-driven egotist who is unable to admit responsibility for his own contribution to Loyalist violence or even to his faults – either he can’t remember or it’s always the other person’s fault – never his.

SDLP Councillor Declan O’Loan: “There will be some surprise that Ian Paisley is prepared to concede that the demands of the Civil Rights movement were justified. What he fails to do is take the obvious next step and admit that his political stance was fundamentally wrong. At no time has he ever done so.

He is deeply inconsistent, even blaming the people of Ireland for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings which were carried out by the UVF”.

Ian Paisley resisted every movement towards reform. He did so in vitriolic, frequently anti-Catholic, language. I have no doubt that he stoked up hatred and built up fears”.

Ian Paisley carries much of the responsibility for the wasted years when no political progress could be made here. His great u-turn when he led his Party into a power sharing government in 2007 does not wipe out his responsibility for great wrongs carried out over the previous 40 years,”

Here’s what a Loyalist, who was a Paisleyite as a young man, had to say

NB: Hitler didn’t actually throw any switches in any gas chamber – but he is rightly held responsible for the Holocaust.

Part 2 next week

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