Death of Orange Ulster

Stormont, as we knew , had come to its historical end.

Mr Mc Guinness killed it off in January 2017 because of the DUP’s arrogance, anti-Irish policies, involvement in corruption scandals and blocking  of legacy issues
Nevertheless, sporadic attempts have been made to breathe life back into the corpse.

In today’s embarrassing scenes, the DUP dealt a potentially fatal blow to what was left of the Assembly’s reputation and dignity and stage-managed its political end with a  disgraceful contempt of human rights

There was no Assembly  . ..  . .only an empty building called Stormont

with the statue of its founder and his heir who both  said

Who are the DUP, anyway?

The heirs of people who had an artificial state with gerrymandered dominance carved out of Ireland for them, and the power of an empire behind them to make Stormont and NI work

Comment: Which they refused to do – unless everybody else knuckled down under their sectarianism and threats of violence if they didn’t get their own way

Remember: the DUP and all Ulster unionists have a lousy record on being sectarian so no doubt they don’t have much appetite for living in, or contributing to govern, a non-sectarian society

What’s happened?

Today the DUP and the rest of Ulster Unionism  (TUV, UUP) lost their political authority when they were unable to even open Stormont, much less dominate it.

Stormont’s revered rituals looked tacky and fake and more and more obviously redundant
In a sham political stunt, reactionary DUP lost their power to veto the legalisation of abortion and same sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Tonight DUP representatives attended a Loyalist meeting at the Constitutional Club in east Belfast which warned PM Boris Johnson  that loyalists in Northern Ireland will “not tolerate an economic united Ireland”.

Comment: The last couple of weeks have been devastating for the DUP and Unionist politicians.

tom elliott.jpg_1024
Query: Why?

The DUP are now seeing their true value to the UK government

Nationalist England has ended Ulster Unionism’s unrequited, one-way love affair and they’ve lost their ‘special influence‘ in the Brexit negotiations.
The electorate in NI are now seeing the true value of the DUP as they’ve been spied meeting Loyalist paramilitaries, even though UDA or UVF membership  is an imprisonable offence

What can the DUP expect in the future?
1)A very damaging report on the ‘Cash for Ash’ debacle which the lovely Arlene was in charge of.
2)Direct rule from London, if

i) they don’t support the UK Government’s Brexit Withdrawal act, even though it “betrayed” them.  (All it did was place the Border in the Irish Sea as the majority of Northern Irish people wanted).
ii) Stormont is not back up and running once Brexit goes through

If they don’t their voters will soon  question their usefulness in the next Assembly elections on January 13th 2020

Plea: Spare a thought for Ulster Unionists/Loyalists!
They are nowhere people in a nowhere type of province that exists only in their own minds.

Leaders of an empty chamber echoing with a dead past.

As Mr Mc Guinness said “they’re living in a fool’s paradise

Advice: And then walk on by, walk on by

Remember: I’ve never heard anyone other than themselves say a good word about Ulster Unionists/Loyalists. No one regards them with affection. They receive no declarations of moral, emotional or even genuine political attachment. They’re simply there and have to be dealt with

Query: Are the DUP now the Doomed Ulster Party?


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