No UK Devolution Post-Brexit?

Although PM May warned a no-deal Brexit could mean Irish unity, PM Johnson seems determined to hold NI and Scotland  in the UK’s stranglehold – though treating each differently.

If he is re-elected with a Conservative majority his E. U. Withdrawal Bill (WAB) states ” There is no restriction on 8C powers being used to amend or repeal the Scotland Act 1998, the Government of Wales Act 2006 or the Northern Ireland Act 1998″.

Remember: Power devolved is power retained.

Query: Does that mean abolishing Hollyrood?
Possibly. More probably, it will mean gradually whittling down Scotland’s powers

What will Scotland do?
Take giant steps towards independence? The Scots are bound to realise it’s all over for them otherwise. Even if they vote for 59 SNP MPs, they will continue as always as a minority in Westminster. They have no voice on English issues due to EVEL. On anything else, they are never listened to anyway.

Query: Will staying in  the UK offer an advantage or a disadvantage to Scotland?

In Scotland the Union has become the symbol of unwanted Tory governments, depopulation, deindustrialisation, poor infrastructure, a broken Vow and poverty

Remember: In the long-term, post-Brexit Britain will give Scotland little or no room for its differing political policies. In the short-term,  Westminster could well close down (prorogue?) the Scottish Parliament before the Scottish independence referendum is held next year

And Stormont?
It’s already been done away with. Nationalists and Republicans have no interest in its restoration and are increasingly looking towards Dublin.
If the DUP can’t domineer in Stormont, they will be pleased to let it stay closed. Direct Rule is their way to go!

Remember: In Northern Ireland the Union has become an alliance of reactionary Tories and bigotted DUP, playing to its loyalist paramilitary base, with the constant threat of sectarian murders if they don’t get their way.

Query: What do the English say about NI?

The general population is just not that into it. Brexit is worth an NI. 58% of Remain voters and 64% of Leave voters would rather have their own way on Brexit than see the Union preserved.

Query: Why were the results of this survey made public now?

Just because they are there? Or to nudge Remain Unionists along a particular voting line?

As PM Johnson prepares to jettison NI Unionists on behalf of Great Britain, Irish Republicans and nationalists just have to convince the NI “Brit” population  to give up their pointless attachment to the Union.


Time’s running out for the Union. The Scots  are currently turning their backs on it, no matter what Westminster wants. NI appears to be on a Westminster-sanctioned pathway to a re-united Ireland.



European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: interim report

Click to access 21.pdf

Paragraph 82:. . . ..

4 thoughts on “No UK Devolution Post-Brexit?

  1. You’ve pretty much nailed it with this essay.
    Here in Scotland, our local indy group has been in campaign mode for several weeks. We recognise if we don’t achieve independence Holyrood will be closed down and I can envisage the Scottish people calling for its closure. How? Strip powers away from Scot Gov, then accelerate campaign against the expensive “white elephant”, “money could be better spent on your NHS, schools etc”
    This is going to be an important election but also very interesting.
    All good health and strength to you.


  2. Nice to hear from you again Alan.I agree the coming election is going to be crucial for Scotland and NI and I hope all non-Unionists are pulling out all the stops to get their candidates over the line. Thanks for your good wishes and all the very best to you and yours – Ben

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