Dom’s “spare cottage”

 This  intriguing story is about Dominic Cummings “spare cottage” on his father’s estate in Co Durham.In his press conference last week from the Rose Garden in No.10 Downing Street

He refers to it at about 5.06  and later describes it as “a concrete bunker”.

The article below was written by Scottish Highlander Alex Tiffin,

Alex Tiffin

editor of Black Isle Media.

You might wonder if it is a hoax. But why would  Alex Tiffen make all this up? 

He himself states “I have put a lot of effort into researching this and I’m confident of the facts“.

He has already written to Durham County Council’s planning department to report his findings.

You might be shocked at this report . Though maybe not surprised, given what transpired  last week. In any case it prompts a lot of questions

 Is the property Dominic Cummings stayed in in Durham, which he jointly owns,his second home?

Remember: Lockdown regulations expressly forbade travel to second homes

Does it have  planning permission?

Is it  registered for Council Tax?

Is it really an enclosed swimming pool?

If so, where did Mr Cummings and his family stay?

Ill with Covid-19, did they actually stay with his elderly parents?

Why did he refer to the building as “a spare cottage”?

Given its size, would anyone describe that green-roofed building as a “spare cottage”?

Was it funded fully or partly by a government grant? Maybe even an EU grant?

August 2019: The Observer reported  that Mr Cummings was “co-owner of a farm that has received €250,000 (£235,000) in EU farming subsidies,  roughly €20,000 a year for most of the last two decades.”

Comment from Adam (below the line in Mr Tiffin’s report )

“The ‘outbuilding’ appears to have been on the site in 2001, although without a ‘driveway’ to it, and isn’t in a great state of repair judging by aerial photographs on Durham County Council’s mapping facility:

So, any works to the property were done after that date”.

Does  this story provide more evidence that Mr Cummings is convinced he is above the law? That the laws and rules we all have to abide by  just do not apply to him?

 Mr Tiffin the author wrote “I enclose all the evidence so as to allow people to make an informed decision”.

So read, or listen to, the piece and make up your own mind!

June 2nd 2020: UPDATE!!! Durham County Council  planners are investigating allegations that the property where Dominic Cummings stayed during his lockdown trip to County Durham does not have the correct planning permission. A spokesperson for Durham County Council confirmed it is investigating after receiving several complaints.


Cummings “Spare Cottage” Without Planning Permission and Pays No Council Tax

5 thoughts on “Dom’s “spare cottage”

  1. He (cummings) is rumoured to have said that if his Durham trip is still in the news next week he would resign. Now, will the media rise to the challenge?
    If he does jump I expect him to reappear as Gove’s spad.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice to hear from you Alan. I hope you and yours are keeping well and there’s not been too much Covid-19 roaming round your townland
    Let’s hope the mass media runs with the Cummings story. I think you are right he will stay on in this government in one way or another.

    Liked by 2 people

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