Easter 1916 – Good Friday 2019

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And that includes all those who died over

hundreds of years of resistance to British rule in Ireland and

our latest casualty

Lyra McKee, journalist,  Belfast ceasefire babe  from Republican Ardoyne who, like many others,

saw nothing of the spoils of the NI peace process

Query: How has the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement 

alleviated widespread poverty and hopelessness

that is apparently endemic/sectarian driven  in many Catholic areas in NI?

In areas of NI, one of the most deprived parts of the UK,

almost two-thirds of children are born into poverty.

Many grow up angry and alienated

Lyra fought for LGBT rights and the rights of the forgotten

She was killed in Derry/Londonderry/LegenDerry

In the midst of a riot

As the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement came of age

as Bad Friday

Remember: Ireland decided how we wanted to go forward

when we voted for and accepted the GFA/Belfast Agreement



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