Post-Brexit: The Why of No

Theresa May, the UK’s new Prime Minister, said the Scottish people did not want another vote on independence and  firmly ruled out a second EU referendum.Pressed on whether she would back Indyref2 in Scotland,


Mrs May said: “I don’t think it’s a question of whether there could be, I think it’s a question of whether there should be. And I think if you look at some of the results that are now coming out of polling in Scotland, they suggest that the Scottish people don’t want there to be a second referendum.”

Meanwhile over in Scotland . . . . . .

The next big step on the road to independence is underway: a national survey with the aim to reach as many Scottish voters as possible with their views on Scotland, independence, the European Union…

Here is the Scottish Government actively engaging with No voters. They’re looking to ask them directly what they think. They want to know the reasons they voted the way they did, their fears, their hopes, their concerns, their ideas…

And the response from one of Scotland’s MSPs is to butt in, answering for the voters. For someone so determined that the People of Scotland be listened to, why be so dismissive of this dialogue? Surely one would want the people of Scotland to say, en masse, exactly what they think of Alex Salmond’sNicola Sturgeon’s separatist dream, embarrass and humiliate and mortify her, so there can be no doubt whatsoever that the cause of separation is dead in the water? If the case against independence is so unassailable, then why not prove it – better still, let the people prove it, once and for all?

Source: The Why of No

Comment:  Westminster won’t accept any point of view except its own blatantly arrogant

“It was a UK Referendum You have to abide by what the English majority decide because there are more of us”


what to do

scottish saltire

Scotland: We fill in that Scottish National Survey survey and we ensure that everyone we know has access to that survey. We send the online link by email or post on open forums and we put the hard copy through letterboxes.

Doesn’t matter whether they say yez or nay. People have to know that their opinion matters more than any politicians and that at least some politicians care about that opinion.

If people fill in that survey honestly and return it, then the results of the survey will be acted upon accordingly.

If folk don’t fill it in? Then they’ll never know and they’ll remain powerless in their own minds. S’up to them though. The power to affect change can be in their own hands, but only if they want it.


Ireland: quarrels over an all-Ireland  forum and the DUP refuse to participate



Query: Why can’t Ireland have a National Survey like Scotland?

Image result for gibraltar flag


Gibraltar: silence


Query: Why can’t Gibraltar? And  Spain? Just to clarify things?

Comments on Brexit outcomes: There seem to be no viable  alternatives other than an independent Scotland in the EU, NI linked to the Republic of Ireland and Gibraltar linked to Spain.

All of which would benefit the EU as half a loaf is better than no bread,

None of which would benefit Britain i.e. England+Wales.

Get ready for

high stakes poker

 once art 50 is triggered – if it ever is!!!

Shortbread-tin nationalism


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