Post-Brexit: Unionists you have a choice to make – EU or UK?

In Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, our current First Minister and Theresa Villiers, former lovely  Secretary of State

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were acting against the expressed wishes of the Northern Irish people.

They, like Scotland, voted to remain in the EU.

The two ladies  pretended that, because it was a UK vote, Brexit meant business as usual and that overthrowing the Good Friday Agreement was a matter of little consequence.
Our current First Minister is still carrying on along the same lines of denial.

Maybe our new SOS, Mr James Brokenshire, has a better grasp of real-politik.

Query: Does his speech mean Irish citizens in NI may be deported if UK citizens are not a protected species in the EU?

Comment: Ian Paisley and his friends and constituents who hurried to acquire Irish passports on his recommendation  will be delighted at the news

Query: And will Scots with Irish and other EU passports also be deported?

For Unionists in Scotland and Northern Ireland, the choice is stark


 –  UK or EU?  You Unionists have to choose a Union

Comment: If you’re a Unionist, and you’re past voting age you should know how to vote!

Weigh up your options!

Which is it to be? UK or EU?

English Tories vs Europe?  Political Union vs Economic Union?

The margins of a failing political union vs An independent country with all the powers?


remain in the UK, as a subservient entity, in a 4-nation Union;

have to always  bow to the wishes of England, which continually outvotes and overpowers each of the other nations, if you dare disagree;

continue as non-sovereign, stateless entities within  the UK

Remember: Scotland and Northern Ireland don’t vote for the same parties as England.  You have no real say in decisions made at Westminster and you don’t decide on the outcome of Westminster elections. Your votes count for nothing.

become independent/linked to the Republic of Ireland and remain in Europe;
as two of the EU nation-states become sovereign nations of Europe within the EU’s understanding of pooled sovereignty,

Remember: Scotland and Northern Ireland voted for full participation in the EU. They didn’t vote for any watered down option, bits and pieces of a business deal or ad hoc arrangements.

Query:So which is it to be? UK or EU?

Comment: A no-brainer, if ever there was one …

Mrs Theresa May, our new PM, billed as Margaret Thatcher Mark II (note reversed initials)
“I’m willing to listen to options and I’ve been very clear with the first minister today that I want the Scottish government to be fully engaged in our discussion.
“I have already said that I won’t be triggering Article 50 until I think that we have a UK approach and objectives for negotiations – I think it is important that we establish that before we trigger Article 50.

Comment: What an enigmatic statement


It prompts so many Questions I hardly know where to start:
Is PM Theresa May talking about a single negotiating position that all governments in the UK including Holyrood, Welsh assembly and N Ireland assembly, have to agree on before starting the process with the EU?

Who will make the decision for England re EU negotiating position?

Will Westminster decide for everyone?
Is this be one of these EVEL issues?

Remember: EVEL is as EVEL does

Is this a delaying strategy?

Will PM Theresa May delay triggering Art 50 until Scotland is satisfied with the Brexit deal her government is proposing?

In which case, will article 50 ever be triggered?

Because if Scotland is not satisfied with the Brexit proposal, will PM Theresa May agree to keep the “so-called” UK in the EU?
Will the UK remaining in the EU remove Scotland’s pretext for Indyref2?
How will that play with the EU who are clamouring for the UK to get going out?
And with the majority in England/Wales who are clamouring for the UK to get going out?

Will Scotland/Northern Ireland be the fall guys  if the UK doesn’t Brexit?

And if Art 50 is activated,

What happens if there is a big divergency between what was proposed and what is actually negotiated?

Will PM Theresa May agree Scotland and Northern Ireland go their own ways if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of negotiations?



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The tantrums of fantasists

AoC issues ‘prove it’ challenge to Home Office over FE college back door visa claims

5 thoughts on “Post-Brexit: Unionists you have a choice to make – EU or UK?

  1. screaming, kicking and protesting, or just silently changing minds and some attitudes ( but loyalists will still hate taigs and furriners, and darkies,and muslims will still only be fit for going to the shaps) ,

    Scottish and NI Unionists will inevitably realize what side their bread is buttered on –
    when those big farmers risk losing their subsidies,
    when all those faux-English intellectuals risk losing their university grants/jobs and nobody wants them on their new, forthcoming applications for the next round of EU funding (as is already happening),
    when all those loyalist “community workers” see their salaries start to dry up,
    and there are no jobs, no houses, no NHS and no hope
    and so on and so forth . . . .
    Scottish and NI Unionists will move with the times –
    one more for the series – the half-crown always trumphs the crown

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  2. I hope you’re right, for everyone’s sake. The longer this farce plays out, the more volatile things are going to become. It’s a slippery slope. Looking forward to your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

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