The Brexit Iceberg – Time for the Union to Break

If you’re British, today’s picture of  the Brexit Iceberg  and a rising moon  will mean

If you’re Irish, Scottish or even Welsh it could signify

The Westminster Government seemed taken aback when Scotland’s FM announced she would be holding  IndyRef2.

PM Theresa May can no longer negotiate with the EU on behalf of the UK since one of its two constituent countries has just said “Call me out

The Westminster government must be the only ones not to realise the UK is holed beneath the water-line!

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We’ve been warning about the potential for UK break-up   since the result of the Brexit Referendum was announced.

In fact, following First Minister Ms Sturgeon’s press conference Prime Minister Ms May will not, allegedly, allow a referendum during the perilous exit negotiations with the EU.

The Prime Minister has said this would mean a vote while she was negotiating Brexit and I think that can be taken pretty clearly as a message that this timing is completely unacceptable. It would be impossible to agree to it and we won’t,”

Now is not the time,” she reiterates .

Comment: So the Westminster Establishment can’t fight on 2 fronts!

Indeed, simultaneously fighting a Scottish Referendum campaign while negotiating Brexit would be a nightmare for Theresa May

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However, since our  Liberator said

Sinn Fein (Congratulations on Great NI Election result) and Plaid Cymru have added their voices to the demands for referendums, border polls and the like. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is even going to call on leaders of the U.S. Congress  to support efforts by Irish nationalists to maintain Northern Ireland’s place in the European Union after the rest of the United Kingdom leaves.

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Theresa May told the House of Commons:

The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has looked at this issue. It is not right to have a border poll at this stage”.

Comment:And they certainly can’t fight on 3 fronts either!!

What’s Theresa May’s answer to her internal problems?

Postpone her Brexit letter to the EU and organise a whistle-stop national tour to build a consensus for Brexit.

NB: There’s no danger she’ll be anywhere near actual members of the public.

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PM May  will go on acting as if the three nations are colonies whose fate is now to be governed solely by London.

Westminster doesn’t seem to realise we’re tired of being treated like a mere inconvenience

They keep telling us “You cost us English so much. We subsidize you to the sum of £X billion a year. Each and every one of you scroungers.  Nobody else could afford to keep you lot!

But when we decide we want to run our own affairs, then it’s “oh no you don’t”.

We can “Take back control” – You lot can’t

We can “cause economic and social uncertainty” – You lot can’t

We can “break up a Union” – You lot can’t

And so on and so forth . . . .

Query: Since England made its Brexit decision and acted in its own interests surely it’s now time for Scotland,  NI and Wales to do the same?

According to Westminster –  Scotland and Northern Ireland should wait until

  •  the dates of Indyref2 and  a Border Poll   suit a Tory government they never elected.
  •  the time is right for the entire might of the Unionist propaganda machine to be directed against them full on
  • and then face it.
  •  resident EU nationals are disenfranchised,
  • Westminster has finished using the Scotland and N.Ireland  as bargaining chips in EU negotiations they never wanted to be part of anyway.

What was all that palaver about the “Family of Nations”?

Risultati immagini per what's gives?

Risultati immagini per I'm just asking to leave

In view of the following . . . .

6. Any attempt aimed at the partial or total disruption of the national unity and the territorial integrity of a country is incompatible with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

7. All States shall observe faithfully and strictly the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the present Declaration on the basis of equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of all States, and respect for the sovereign rights of all peoples and their territorial integrity.

I’ve a couple of  questions!!!

  1. Have the political parties supporting our  “Imperial masters” i.e British Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dems any right to voice their opinions in our decisions to be free of English dominance?
  2. Should it not just be a internal debate among inhabitants of the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales?



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