Truth, Lies and Videotape

The Irish American Caucus recently released a videotape which  stirred up  the Orange Order and DUP politicians.

You can watch it here and decide for yourselves whether it is baleful propaganda

Protestants/Unionists object to it because they say  it:

  • peddles outdated stereotypical anti-unionist propaganda
  • states that a significant proportion of the Unionist/Protestant population resents sharing power with Catholics
  • claims that Unionists/Protestants  have never regarded Catholics as equals
  • labels the Orange Order as the most obvious sign of this “Protestant supremacy pathology”,
  • accuses the Orange order  of “parading their anti-Catholic bigotry through poor Catholic areas“.

Query: What pulpit are they preaching from?


According to the Orange Order

orange sword

The Irish National Caucus, with its biased and sympathetic republican tendencies, attempts to demonise the Orange Institution, through such amateurish propaganda,

And here’s the Orange Order in action

Comment: Telling the truth is not ” demonising”.


Arlene Foster, DUP, First Minister of NI

The Irish National Caucus, is spreading this propaganda, which is misleading at best and downright sectarian at worst,

Her main claim to fame is  calling Nationalist and Republican MLAs “Rogues and renegades” who “cannot be trusted with finances in Stormont

Unionist politicians making comments   like “curry my yoghurt“.

or “holding their noses” at elected Sinn Fein MLAs

certainly  uphold the validity of  Unionist opinions. As does rubbishing the 1916 centenary commemorations and the work of Sinn Fein by TUV leader

jim allister

  Jim Allister

while others celebrate the grubby rebellion of 1916” voters should “make 2016 the year of uprising at the polls against Sinn Fein and the failure they and their partners have brought to Stormont”

Since these attitudes are obviously designed to win over Republicans and Nationalists,  Unionists claim  that

“Overwhelming support for the Union exists right across the community, regardless of religious background

This is what “overwhelming support” looks like

overwhelming support

Queries: Do so many Republicans/Nationalists  vote Unionist?

Do their elected representatives, the  SF and SDLP MLAs,  talk about “overwhelming support for the Union”?

If not, who gave Unionists the right to speak on their behalf? 

Why is Unionist  wishful thinking  taken as fact?


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