Venerating Corpses

Hello boys and girls, ladies and gents,
I’ve been away for a bit – finishing off a project, marking exam scripts, off on an unexpected trip to Rome  where I saw the Vatican had brought in the dead body of a saint for the faithful to view. Padre Pio travelled up from the south of Italy  amid security arrangements worthy of a Head of State.


60,000 pilgrims a day are expected. Lots of euros will be spent on travelling to  Vatican City and Rome and then eating, drinking and sleeping there.

Comment: I can’t get my head round a marketing strategy  based on corpse veneration!

Query: What’s been happening since I took my  eye off the local news?

SF managed to make a phenomenal typo in their election leaflets

booby sands

Comments: SF’s  certainly not keeping abreast of the situation

Ooh aah up the Bra

Now we know why Republicans support Basques!!

Was it just a booby trap?

Or an attack on the peace process?

I can’t get my head round a Republican  election strategy  based on  making mistakes with a dead Westminster  MP’s name!

Meanwhile over in London,

eu in our time

Mr Cameron waved a piece of paper shouting

EU reform in our time”

It was a ‘slap in the face for Britain‘ according to

daily telegraph

Hungary and  Poland were not sold on  the UK deal and Ministers of ‘core’ Europe i.e the original founders of the EEC (Belgium,France,Germany, Italy, Luxembourg) planned the EU’s future at a very private, very discreet dinner party in Rome

milked dry

Comments: Pity the UK thinks it still commands a defunct Empire and can bend the Continent to its will!

I can’t get my head round a political strategy  based on corpse veneration !

Back in Ireland


Enda seemed optimistic  about the election. He thought he’d managed to blame the continuity IRA and thus the Provisional IRA and thus SF for a murder in Dublin.

Comments:  The Provisional IRA is defunct –

I can’t get my head round an electoral strategy  based on a failed corpse resusitation!

something new

The Continuity IRA And Other Journalistic Nonsense

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