Your chance to win a painting by a sectarian serial killer

While this was going on at the Twadell “Civil rights for Orangemen Camp”

raffle tickets sold here
to fund the Orange Order and PUP-supported Loyalist Twaddell Avenue so-called “Civil Rights” camp,
twadell camp2
for a picture painted in Maghaberry Prison
stone picture
and donated by sectarian mass murderer Michael Stone
stone uff
According to renowned local art critic
The women’s hair represents the people, the flag represents Twaddell and below is the road we are trying to get up”
Who is Michael Stone?
An Ulster loyalist mass murderer, member of the Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster freedom Fighters (UDA/UFF).
Expelled from school at fifteen and a half with no qualifications Stone joined a “Tartan Gang”

tartan night
On 16 November 1984 Stone shot and killed Patrick Brady, a Catholic milkman
In 1985 he attempted to assassinate Robert McAllister, a Sinn Féin activist.
easter lily2
In November 1985 he killed Kevin McPolin, a joiner
and in 1987 he murdered breadman Dermot Hackett
in his own van.
On 18 March 1988, the funeral was held at Milltown Cemetery, Belfast of Mairéad Farrell, Dan McCann and Seán Savage.
whose right to life the the European Court of Human Rights found the British government guilty of violating on the 27 September 1995. It was the first time the Court had found a violation of Article 2 of the Convention.
Stone killed 3 mourners in the graveyard

RIP Thomas McErlean, 20, married with two children.
RIP John Murray, 26, husband, father of two.
RIP Oglach Kevin Brady, 30.
And injured more than sixty, including a pregnant mother of four, a 72-year-old grandmother and a ten-year-old boy

In 2006 he tried to kill Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness
adams and mcguinness
in a botched attack at Stormont
stone stormont
Stone confessed to a series of attempted murders and plots to kill, including a failed bid to assassinate Martin McGuinness
young martin
through the bathroom window during the late eighties.He went to the school
derry school
Mr McGuinness’s children attended but decided against carrying out an attack there.
In 2006 he revealed he had been hired as hitman in the early 1980s to murder Ken Livingstone,
ken livingstone
leader of the Greater London council at the time. He had angered Loyalists by appearing to be sympathetic to republicans.
Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan
Sir Declan Morgan, lord chief justice of Northern Ireland
said: “Stone offered his services as a killer to any loyalist paramilitary group who would use him.

He committed politically motivated multiple murders that were directed against Catholics with the intent to strike fear into the community at large.

To Loyalists, Michael Stone is an idol. An icon. A local super-hero .

Did the leaders of the DUP,UUP,TUV and PUP buy tickets in this raffle?
Is the OO still going to claim that they have nothing to do with murderers and terrorists?


12 thoughts on “Your chance to win a painting by a sectarian serial killer

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  3. Thanks for your support John. Much appreciated. I hope you have been happy in your new country – so sad that like so many other people you have been exiled by the strife and unyielding attitudes in NI. Best wishes for Christmas and The New Year. Ben


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