Of Dicks and Pricks

Rome welcomed  Hassan Rouhani, Iranian President a couple of days ago by covering up its statues in the Capitoline Museum

Statues like



roman statue

were transformed into

statue cover-up

What did Mr Rouhani think?

italian statues

Answer: “I don’t understand these Italians. They cover up dicks and then introduce me to politician pricks”

5 thoughts on “Of Dicks and Pricks

  1. Religious ignorance and twisted sexual neurotics. The same twisted attitudes fuelled the sexual oppression that saw the Catholic Church operated a gulag of child prisons and “laundries” all across Ireland. Sexual paranoia is common to all organised religions.


  2. Thanks for your comment William. I do agree with you. Controlling an individual’s sexuality means controlling the individual because inhibiting normal sexual inclinations (not paedophilia or other deviant expressions of sexuality) has such negative repercussions on the psychology of the individual and hence the controlled community/nation.


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