Brexit: Have we left yet? Are we there yet?


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Not yet . . . not yet

The UK’s Brexit day has come and gone

Like a cat at the door,

Image result for cat crying to be let out

the UK’s crying to be let out but

Image result for cat crying to be let out

doesn’t like what it sees outside and

doesn’t want to go out

yet it won’t stop crying to get out!

The UK appears  to have fallen into a Brexit “Black Hole”,

Risultati immagini per stephen hawkings black hole and brexit

It’s unable to leave on agreed terms but

it doesn’t want to leave with “No Deal”

Yet earlier this week Westminster voted down all 8 alternative approaches

And on Monday night (1st April, auspicious date!) voted down all 4 new alternatives

Comment: We Irish could have told the EU what to expect

We still haven’t managed to convince British Government  to leave after 800 years

Even though they  declared  “it has “no selfish strategic or economic interest in Northern Ireland

They haven’t said that about the EU!

So there’s still a long road to travel!

The UK and its Parliament  also refuse to  take on board another very simple message


Voting patterns in the latest Meaningless Vote  throw some light on what’s going on

ENGLAND: 266 MPs for, 256 MPs against (51%-49%)
SCOTLAND: 13 for, 45 against (22%-78%)
WALES: 6 for, 33 against (15%-85%)
NORTHERN IRELAND: 1 for, 10 against (9%-91%)

Fact: There are 522 English politicians vs 108 from Scotland, Wales and N Ireland combined.

So there is little chance our voices will be heard in the Westminster Brexit debate

The Mirror has mentioned this democratic deficit before.

It’s due to a vast population imbalance, English Votes for English Laws and so forth

Comments: The maze of England’s predominance and entitlement was carefully constructed using  double-speak, double standards, divide and conquer mechanisms, the iron fist of military repression carefully concealed in the thick velvet glove of suave good manners.

England deliberately created it to bamboozle Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the rest of the world for centuries

Queries: Was it merely extended to the EU?

Is there a way out of this maze of England’s thinking and making?

Risultati immagini per way out of the maze


Independence for England now

There’s even a petition doing the rounds

So sign up and get all your friends, relations and workmates to do so too!

On a more serious note – like everyone else I cannot venture a prediction

Because nobody knows exactly what’s going on in the UK

Did Brexit highlight tensions (the effects of austerity, cut-backs in local services, the “hostile environment”, stigmatization and penalisation of the poor and disabled  etc ) that were building since the Banking Crisis and even longer?

Was the Referendum really  a cat-fight in the  Tory party?

And is it still?

Or did Brexit issues create imaginary problems  that are syphoning us all into that black hole?

Answer: These are all English problems. 

They don’t concern us except in so far as we cannot seem to escape from English numerical domination

However, venturing further into the English-created maze leads to further questions

Queries: Will the UK be out on its ear on 12th April?

Will it revoke its Art 50 letter, with the (unlikely) hope to fight another day?

Will it take part in the May elections to the EU parliament?

Will it lob Brexit into the very long grass with a couple of years extension time  to “re-think”?

With perhaps a General  Election and a “People’s Vote” in the interim period?

(Neither of which is hazard-free, I might add)

Answers: These are all English problems. 

They don’t concern us except in so far as we cannot seem to escape from English numerical domination

But I do have some questions I want answers to:

Why should Ireland’s patterns of  prosperity, peace, farming, socialization, sports and cultural activities, shopping and working  be up-ended on England’s say so?

Why should Scotland’s?

No majority in either place gave any permission for that

What right has England to disrupt and impoverish  our lives and societies, to cut us off from our European friends and neighbours, with whom we have had centuries-long alliances and shared philosophical, scientific, political and social thoughts and movements?

Just because of a numerical superiority – because there are more of the English?

And what is that  great English population density due to?

Industrial development, no doubt,

But do the words “Famine, Coffin Ships, Subsistence Farming,

Rapacious Landlords and Forced Clearances” ring any bells?


We neither need nor want another one

So sign the petition




Britain in a Brexit “Black Hole”

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