Theresa May and Hard Brexit – Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland

Saturday Night- Film Night 

I’ve been away for a bit – sick and then going through my annual PC glitch!

Safe out on the other side of both though!!

In the meantime we have heard Theresa May’s Hard Brexit speech and threats to European ambassadors couched, as they are in old, old Conservative-Unionist terms.

England and Wales can make a unilateral decision based on numerical superiority to harm Ireland as a whole and Scotland.

Yet there appears to be no way of restraining them, no  legal redress and no comeback –

Just ” Croppies lie down and get over it”.

Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May delivers her keynote address on the second day of the Conservative party annual conference in Manchester, northern England September 30, 2013. REUTERS/Phil Noble (BRITAIN - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY) - RTR3FFSM

How should Ireland and Scotland respond?

Here’s  a voice from the past

light a candle 2

to light the way towards our future


President Eamonn de Valera is not by any means my favourite Irish patriot.

Nevertheless  we  can still  learn much from him.

It’s time to


Eamonn de Valera’s reply to Mr Churchill

Different topic, same British attitude, same democratic deficit in the UK

His decision then for Ireland

Stand firm,  we go our own way

resonates for  Scotland and Ireland today

Remember: this speech dates back to 1945, years before the UN recognized the right of nations to self-determination in 1960

It is only through the realization of this very basic right of people to determine, with no compulsion or coercion, their own future, political status and independence that we can begin to address others such as dignity, justice, progress and equity,”

Watch the video, listen to the speech, mentally substitute Mrs May for Mr Churchill and update yesterday to today’s Brexit

Then tell me what has changed  in Westminster’s attitude towards Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland!

“Mrs May would justify her actions by Britain’s necessity”

“And if this necessity were sufficiently great other people’s rights were of no account”

“And no small nation adjoining a great power could ever be permitted to go its own way in peace”

“It is indeed hard for the strong to act justly to the weak”

“Mrs May may be irritated that our needs stand in the way of what she urgently wants”

“That she or any thinking person in Britain should fail to see the reasons for our wanting to remain within the EU I find it hard to believe”

“Mrs May is proud that Britain stood alone after France had fallen” (WWII).

“Can she not find it in her heart the generosity to acknowledge that two small nations stood alone not for one year or two but for several  hundreds of years against the British?”

“That endured famines, spoliations and massacres?”


“Many times in the past there appeared little hope save that the tyrant would make some ghastly mistake that would alter the whole balance of the struggle”.

“Mrs May is lending her hand to abuse of a people that have done her no wrong, trying to find an excuse in the situation like the present to continue the mutilation of our country”



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