The YES Vote – Cat Amongst The Pigeons

I should have written before to support the YES referendum.

But as you all know, since its inception, The Mirror, has always supported it.

I suppose I could have set up links to the several posts that we have put up over time

But I had nothing more to say on the topic.

The choice in the referendum seemed  obvious to me.

And I am so pleased the great majority of people in the Republic of Ireland agreed

and decided it was obvious to them too.

Ernie O’Malley

“I had given allegiance to a certain ideal of freedom as personified by the Irish Republic. It had not been realised except in the mind.”

Yet slowly but surely, after years of subservience to another master, the Irish Republic is taking shape and giving its allegiance to a certain ideal of personal freedom.
It really started during Enda Kenny’s premiership



Speeches like these signalled the end of the influence of the Catholic Church on  Irish Society
The votes for same sex marriage and Repealing the 8th confirmed the Irish Republic was finally marching to its own tune.

The people’s tune

“We are no longer a conservative society.”

Now . . . .

Risultati immagini per pay attention

Leo Varadkar promised the nationalist  people of the North will never be left behind again.

And as we all know, women in Northern Ireland are still subjected to Victorian laws on abortion

due to DUP opposition to any change

Queries: How will Irish people feel as they watch Northern Irish women still paying to  travel to England and elsewhere for  abortions?

Will they say

Risultati immagini per im all right jack

Risultati immagini per im all right jack

Will the new law  in the Republic encompass  women in  Northern Ireland ?

Will  women who identify as Irish in NI  be included in the health system in the Republic for this kind of treatment?

What will happen to Northern Irish women who identify as British?

Will Westminster directly legislate so that the UK 1967 law applies to Northern Ireland?

Or will Theresa May  trade away the rights of British women in exchange for the DUP’s continuing parliamentary support?

Northern Ireland can no longer  remain a bulwark against a progressive society  even though

Ian Paisley MP tweeted

NI should not be bullied into accepting abortion on demand. NI did not have a constitutional imperative on abortion it is governed by laws that can be changed. The settled will of the people has been to afford protections to the unborn life and protect the life of the mother.”

Queries: Bullied? The settled will of the people? Has anyone ever asked us what we want?

Comments: The DUP is  on the wrong side of history,

Risultati immagini per get over it

It’s out of touch with how people feel on the ground.

  1. Civil society groups and SF are putting pressure on them on the issue of  women and  gay rights .
  2. Support for the Brexit is shrinking in Northern Ireland and the DUP are the only party advocating Brexit
  3. There’s a rising tide of activism in the event of any border infrastructure, should PM may not accept the “back-stop”

Yesterday’s YES vote –

Refs and Pics–1251272/

Pay Attention To Me

3 thoughts on “The YES Vote – Cat Amongst The Pigeons

  1. BBC Northern Ireland’s The View show last week,was held in Dublin before Ref, & all their 4 politicians agreed that as the South already views all N Irish citizens as S Irish citizens too, then N Irish women will be allowed to travel to the South for medical assistance, on the State, once the abortion laws in the South respect woman’s right to choose,, at least for the first 8 weeks of gestation..The law in the South has not yet been changed so it remains to be seen how progressive the new abortion laws in the South will be. At present, women in Scotland, Wales & England can obtain an abortion up to 24 weeks, so many N Irish women will still travel to rUK for their medical care. Still, it does leave N Ireland’s DUP very isolated and I think one of the main reasons there may be another UK GE this year, is that the UK Tory Party must be desperate to ditch their necessary reliance on the toxic DUP to get laws passed in Westminster, esp. after Lords revolts.

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  2. Thanks for your comment Bibbit.
    AFAIK the new Dail law (expected before the end of the year) will allow abortion up to 12 weeks while later abortions will be linked to real medical problems for woman and/or foetus. This is similar to the law in many EU countries.

    Northern Irish women’s access may, and I repeat may, depend on the outcome of the brexit negotiations (how hard is our border going to be?).

    I have no doubt the Tories would love to dump the DUP, especially as the DUP and its bung have not been well-received in England.

    And I have heard increasing rumours of an autumn General Election.
    I don’t know whether it will happen – again because of the present state of brexit negotiations. By then we really be approaching the final count-down and I cannot imagine there will be time for a new election, (with a new government to do what about brexit?re-negotiate it?), or a second referendum.
    But you never know! We’ll see how things develop at the EU June summit

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