Towards a United Ireland

‘Brexit’ changes everything.


we will leave the European Union as one United Kingdom”.

The UK government sees no problem with deciding the fates and futures of Scotland and Northern Ireland, nations in the UK that voted to remain in the EU and of the Republic of Ireland, a neighbouring country.

“Tough luck, suckers. Now keep your mouths shut and let us do all the talking.”

The UK’s democratic deficit over Brexit is due to its Direct Rule policy but their politics are not our politics

Like Scotland, Ireland, north and south is going to suffer the consequences of exiting the EU, under whatever circumstances the UK negotiates.
From the Irish perspective, the Brexit vote has sparked renewed interest in the nature of all-island and Europe-wide relations.
And here we have Sinn Fein’s new position paper on a Re-United Ireland

Technically speaking, the document is well-set out. The issues are clear. It is easy to read and understand.

What are its aims?
to stimulate debate, to make the case for unity and to give some shape to the type of new Ireland that is possible –

What type of new Ireland?
One which respects the rights of all citizens and delivers prosperity, equality and inclusion.

Who is the document aimed at?
The general population.
There is an onus on us all to create the debate and plan for a new, agreed, united, equal and inclusive Ireland”

Query: What’s the evidence that any segment of Unionism is interested in  a united Ireland? As Martin Mc Guinness said they do have theirpsychological problems”.
Comments: The contribution to the NI majority vote for remaining in the EU seems to have derived from the relatively more moderate UUP. It is uncertain as to whether they will agree to Brexit with England, Wales and the DUP or stick to their guns about Remaining.
There are certainly no signs that DUP-type unionism or loyalism, which hold sway in the Stormont Assembly, will ever even read the document, much less discuss it.

What does the paper suggest we do?

1) There’s a list of tasks for the EU, British, and Irish governments. Ireland doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about its job
The future unification of Ireland would be in the best interests of its citizens, but holding a referendum while the British government is negotiating its exit from the EU would only cause division” –  Irish Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan.

Comment: Holding a referendum on Irish Unity while negotiating Brexit  would certainly cause headaches for the British. They would have to negotiate on 2 fronts. Or  even 3 if Scotland goes ahead with  Independence Referendum 2 !

Image result for chess surrounded on 3 sides

2) There are diverse options of putative framework arrangements for including Unionists
Comment: the DUP will never agree with those they regard as ‘rogues’ ‘renegades’ or ‘remoaners‘.

3)and their political parasite, the Orange Order
Comment: the OO is sticking with its usual demands to march when and where it likes along the Queen’s highway. Even though it’s  the British taxpayers’ highway,  not the Queen’s . And in the future it would belong to the taxpayers of the new Irish Republic.


4) There are  suggestions to mobilise the Irish Diaspora world-wide
Comment: That’ll go down well
The Dail has just voted to stop them and even Irish northerners from participating in Irish Presidential elections!

5) The Document ends with a call to action

Now is the time for all parties who support Irish unity to come together to design the pathway to a new, agreed, inclusive united Ireland
How else can Partition be removed?
I suggest we need grassroots movements.

Image result for grassroots movement


Top down initiatives will not be forthcoming from either Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or the SDLP, who are calling for Special Status for Northern Ireland. Stormont Assembly has already voted against this notion.

Unionist parties in Northern Ireland will counteract any initiative that chips away at their “Britishness”


What will a grassroots initiative do? 

Image result for grassroots movement

  • It will in put pressure on the Irish political parties and the British Secretary of State to hold a referendum.

How can we organise it? 
Republicans and nationalists are found in all walks of life.

In my opinion they should be setting up focus groups to start off the discussions.
What about Women for Unity? Business for Unity?  IT techies for Unity? Farmers for Unity? Workers for Unity? Doctors and Vets for Unity? Musicians and Writers for Unity? Trade Unionists for Unity? Construction workers for Unity? Taxi drivers for Unity?
The more the merrier
Hold open meetings in pubs, community halls and so forth to present the case for Unity and debate the pros and cons.

  • Open pop-up shops/set up stalls  to sell merchandising like badges, posters, CDs and hand out your leaflets and pamphlets supporting your local case for Unity.
  • Get active on the internet and social media.
  • Organise flash mobs and hand out flyers.
  • Get on public transit to distribute  flyers, sing songs, and talk to passengers
  • Organise get-togethers of posters and commentators to brain-storm and set up events.
  • Do all this while the UK is bogged down in its Brexit fiasco.
  • Press for Irish Unity before the negotiating period ends.

last chance

Remember – No matter what Mr Charlie Flanagan says about Not Yet, there’ll be no opportunity to change things afterwards.

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