Brexit Circus On The New Euro Line

I’ve been very busy for a bit so haven’t been around too much recently

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trying to make sense of all the latest UK government’s Brexit  mind changes and Brexiteer principle dumping:

  • Boris told 4 EU Ambassadors he wants free movement of workers. And then denied he’d said it.
  • David told Westminster parliament he’s prepared to pay to stay in the Single Market. Chancellor Hammond agreed with him.

So why did the UK hold the referendum? To make citizens pay more?And have no voice in EU decisions?You like paying the fare to the bus driver and telling him we’ll run behind the bus until it gets to his destination?

  • Theresa’s  now worried about Christians being persecuted in the UK, maybe because they aren’t being educated in grammar schools
  • The Supreme Court’s deciding whether Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can veto, or at least have a say over,  Brexit
  • Theresa insists she’s  committed to engaging with the devolved governments. So she’ll talk to them.  How much she’ll heed them remains to be seen.
  • The plot thickens – the  Irish Senate now supports Scottish Independence.

Did anyone tell Enda beforehand?

And did anyone tell Enda about these new demands on the Irish purse?

  • Truculent Arlene suggested the Republic of Ireland  pay for some sort of clean-up of the UK Brexit mess
  • And  David Rowlands, UKIP  Welsh Assemblyman, asked  the Welsh government to seek EU funding from the Irish government to upgrade a motorway between London and south Wales “because Irish lorries use it”.

I’ve thought about it all and

Image result for a picture is worth a thousand words

well it’s not any more

Image result for a picture is worth a thousand words

So here’s my 800-odd words on  Brexit today

This Tube map of the new Euro Line explains it all!




I might look like I’m doing nothing, but in my head I’m quite busy.

A picture is worth a thousand words


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