BBC Bias – London Calling

By special request the Mirror brings you “London Calling” or rather

How the BBC Saved the Union

This thought-provoking controversial documentary was financed by crowd-sharing.
It looks at the role  BBC bias and propaganda played in the defeat of the 2014 Scottish Referendum.

Although specific to the 2014 Scottish referendum setting, many of the points it raises can be applied more generally, particularly to Northern Ireland.

So this is homework time as valuable lessons are here to be learned

weekend homework

Understand how the media operates in  the UK, particularly in areas like Scotland and Northern Ireland where about 50% of the populations want to  exit the UK.

Remember the original “Project Fear”? Watch how it was developed and made effective.

Can you think of any Irish politician/s who is/are treated like Mr Salmond was and Ms Sturgeon is?

Have you heard any  repeated “news” about

a)negative aspects of a Re-united Ireland?

b) how few people support it?

c) how the Republic of Ireland can’t afford re-unification and

d) doesn’t want it anyway?

Bear them in mind next time you watch BBC news programmes and programmes from other state broadcasters.
Practise separating fact from pro-UK propaganda!!

Enjoy!! And share what you learn!

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