Post-Brexit: UK Family and Tenants Are Revolting

uk britain

Retired Empire Builder, Mr UK Britain’s fuming

His right-hand man, biased Mayne Meediar is trembling in his shoes.

broken eu flag

The Brexit vote was all his fault

“You told me they were they were going to vote Remain. I punted hard in the bookies and the stock market. Look what I lost overnight!”

sterling drop brexit
Get rid of them all – out with them all –sack the lot of them!

Image result for cameron. farage. gove

That fool Farage –   incompetent Dave,

Image result for cameron. farage. gove

that traitor Gove,
I’ll put that dreary woman housekeeper in charge of you  all.That’ll  soon show you useless good-for-nothings

Image result for theresa may

Tell her to take down all those pictures! No more Turner on the Thames! She can put up bloody tracts of what she says all round the house to let you lot know what’s what. She’s a vicar’s daughter. She knows what a tract is and the rest of you will soon find out!

butler phone 1
What’s that you say?

bella caledonia

Alba Scotia’s on the phone? She can’t take it any more?
I’m bloody well not talking to her . Off to visit friends in Europe, you say? What friends? She needn’t think she’s going to stay there. I’ll soon make sure she’s back where she belongs – under my thumb!

Image result for theresa may

The housekeeper can go and visit her when she gets back. Smooth her down. Suggest options. Stall her while I work out what I’m going to do

no plans
Plans Meediar? Plans? Of course I didn’t have any plans. I didn’t expect to lose a fortune overnight!

butler phone 1

Miss GFA Northern Ireland’s on the line you say?

Miss GFA Ulster
Put her off. Permanently.Lock her into a room with her step-brother.

john bull3

He’ll soon show her what’s what! God I can’t stand listening to her whingeing and whining


She says she wants to . . .
No. She can’t go and live with her mother, that faithless bitch


Eire Ireland. She buggered off as soon as she could muster up the strength to do so. Bad example to the rest of the family. I never wanted to be a divorced man.
You were never really happy together . . . .
No.  I didn’t like her- never understood her – and she never understood me. Never did what I told her to or what I wanted! But that’s not the point. She brought in a good dowry and it was mine until she left and took it with her. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

butler phone 1

What’s that you said? The head tenant’s on the line? I’m not talking to him!

corbyn 2
 I’ve had enough of his airy-fairy, hippy-dippy, love in the mist ideas. He’s going too. As soon as I can arrange it
The tenants support him
Well they’ll soon learn to un-support him. It’s your job to teach them Mayne Meediar

butler phone 1
I’ve got the German head office on line 1 and the French headquarters on line 2
Let them talk to the  housekeeper.

Image result for theresa may

I’ve had enough!

Comment:  Mr UK Britain’s worried at the prospect of having to go it alone with no one else to milk or blame


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